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Part 19: Let's Play Where Eagles Dare

Let's Play Where Eagles Dare

Blobs: more dangerous than you think.

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No map change. Here's an updated look at our medal chest, though.

Let's Meet the Lilith, Isis, Satis, and Ankh

I forgot to show this one last level, because I didn't realize the cruisers weren't Cains. You can see why.

Another Fenris/Leviathan-esque slacking off on the modelers' parts. This is the tougher of the two.

And now for some Vasudan craft I have little to say about.

(OK, just one thing: they aren't kidding, those things are deadly for freighters!)

Sentry guns are rarely used in either FS1 or 2, for whatever reason. This description implies it's due to the abundance of light fighters, at least for the Vasudans. Sentries go down easily, but they're actually mildly dangerous, given that you have to be in their firing range to take them out, until longer-range missiles come into play. Still, I didn't have to just sit there while it got closer and closer to nailing me. But I did.