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Part 20: Let's Play Tenderizer

Let's Play Tenderizer

In which the Galatea plays the part of the meat being tenderized?

Scanning sentry guns. Exciting.

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The end of this level leads directly into the next level with no break, but I split the videos anyway. I'll post the second part in a day or two. The Galatea and Bastion will be moving around on the map too, but since that's still "in progress" as of this stage, I'll change it next time.

Let's meet the Hercules, Synaptic bomb, Amun, Watchdog, and Cerberus

Lots of new things to look at today.

I like the Hercules in FS1. It is pretty slow, but it can take a lot of damage for a fighter. To be honest, it's probably better classified as a bomber that can't carry bombs. Its gun positions aren't my favorite, though.

To those of you who only know FS2, this is pretty much the Piranha, but I guess even worse. It is a very special-use weapon, wherein "special-use" means either somehow you're amazing with it, or its useless. I would be in the second category. Since the enemies did a decent job showing it off already, I doubt I'll ever actually use one. The initial explosion shakes you up a bit, but isn't really damaging, and the small missiles that come out almost never hit anything.

This is that one bomber that took most of my bank of Furies to take down. I imagine that armor is offset by very poor handling, but even so it survived way more damage than the average Terran heavy bomber could.

Last, the two types of Terran sentry guns. They have identical models.