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Part 21: Let's Play Shell Game

Let's Play Shell Game

So much for that objective.

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Got all three capital ships located during this level. Not entirely sure why the Galatea is going to Beta Aquilae to guard Vasuda, unless the Shivans are going all the way around through Deneb. More likely another map inconsistency, but I won't draw in a line since it could mean the former.
Also, I fixed a mistake on the map today that has somehow been there for several editions without anyone noticing, including myself.

Interesting to note on the map front is that the briefing animations often show systems having many more node "dots" than the map has, but they don't draw in the connections on most of them, so it's hard to tell where they thought was connected at that stage of development. Sol, for example, has three dots, and I'm pretty sure explicitly states later that more than one node exists, yet the map only shows one way out.

Here is the "proper" debriefing, since my in-video one had one failed segment.

Despite what the recommendation implied, killing all the fighters did not in any way explain to me why they were there. Also as I mentioned in the video, I still got the "secondary objective failed" notice at the same time in despite all objectives being cleared, and getting this debriefing. No idea why.

Well, that was a lot of discussion in the gameplay segment, so here's some ships I don't have many comments on.

Let's meet: Shivan freighters edition! (Asmodeus, Azrael, and Mephisto)

I like the look of the Mephisto and Azrael.
Freighters are a bit tricky, because from the name I'm always thinking of a harmless cargo ship, and then get shot to hell flying too close to them. The main trouble is how long they take to destroy with regular weapons, but they're too small to be worth using a bomber. The Phoenix V fills that gap pretty nicely, but their small stock count means it still takes most of a whole bank to destroy one, no matter what you use. In cases like this, where you need to stop several in a time limit, it works well to just order all your allies to target one at a time, and the primary weapons alone take them down quickly.