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Part 22: Let's Play Enter the Dragon

Let's Play Enter the Dragon

Warp drives? Don't you mean jump drives?

Or use the official Viddler player or the
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Edit: I just now looked it up, and destroying that freighter actually reduces the number of enemies on the next level.

Lucifer is supposed to be between Deneb and Vasuda. I'm assuming the Bastion is with us in Deneb, if it's possible to summon in Delta who was guarding them. Not sure why we're stopping to capture ships for research when an attack on Vasuda is imminent.
Map's getting pretty messy. I think I'll start a clean one next update, keeping the numbers but getting rid of all the arrows.

Let's meet the Ulysses, Prometheus, and Dragon

As I said, the Ulysses is the opposite of the Hercules. Light on armor and weapons, but very agile and fast. Which is better is probably a matter of opinion depending on your style. Personally, I prefer the Herc.

In exact numbers, the Prometheus does 26 hull damage and 14 shield damage, while the Avenger does 20 and 13.6. There isn't an exact energy usage number on the Wiki, but the Avenger uses less. The Avenger also fires faster, and the shots travel faster, and 100m farther. With the speed difference, the Avenger does more shield damage per second, and with Shivans having way more shields than hull, it is probably the superior weapon.
I never realized this in previous playthroughs, but now that I know, I will probably stick to the Avenger after this.

The Dragon is a serious pain. It goes fast and is insanely agile. Trying to fight several at once is very dangerous and takes forever.