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Part 23: Let's Playing Judas

Let's Playing Judas

In which it's really good that this crappy ship's comm is as poor as its other systems, or I'd be in for a court-martial, talking back to my commander so much.

This is not the kind of thing you want to hear:

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I'm confused by today's briefing. By the map I made for the last video, we already thought the Lucifer was going through Deneb. Now they say it's coming from Antares, and are shocked when it actually is in Deneb. I can't find where in my last video I got that info from, so I may have screwed up the map and just got it "actually right" out of luck.

Looking back over things, I realized why this was easier than normal (and I promised I would never make anything look easy!). Beating the Lorkonius last level removed Arjuna 4. I was wondering why I never saw it. I think it must normally patrol right around the jump node, making the level much harder. As it was, the only danger came when we had to follow the Lucifer out into the Arjuna's patrol routes.
With all four ships, this level becomes extremely annoying. It's pretty much the Hyrule castle garden, in space. With no hedges. It's really hard to tell the supposed pattern of the enemies, or for that info to help at all when you're trying to hold a 30-second scan on the cruisers.
In case it wasn't clear, being detected by Rama was scripted to happen when you "enter" the docking bay.

Also once again, they can't decide whether we have jump drives or warp drives. I didn't notice it in time to make fun of it in the video, but there's actually one point where the V.O. says one and the subtitles say the other.

Let's meet the Eva and Lucifer

Got some scans on the biggest threats to the galaxy today...

Demon-class destroyers are kinda weird in my mind, because they're just so forgettable. There's the Eva now, but it's totally overshadowed by the Lucifer. I think there's one in FS2 as well, which gets even less attention. It's supposed to be a totally huge and hideous enemy, but just like FS2's Ravana, it kinda gets forgotten due to the fact that there's an even huger ship next to it.

The whole shields on a capital ship thing is a bit of a deus ex machina... or the opposite of one, anyway? (And that little note about "Oh, but we can destroy its reactors" is an even more egregious one). Despite supposedly making the Lucifer totally invulnerable, letting the plot ignore any attempt to beat it, no other capital ships ever use shields again, even years later in FS2.