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Descent: Freespace

by Goldom

Part 25: Let's play Evangelist

Hey, the FS LP has finally returned! Back into a normal schedule in life now, should equal more regular updates.

Let's play Evangelist

Oh man, menus! This is gonna be an exciting episode!

Or use the official Viddler player or the
backup on Dailymotion.

Let's meet cutscenes: part 3, and random Vasudan filler (Scarab and Thoth)!

Here're all the movie descriptions I haven't posted yet:

Wanted to meet the Manticore today, after killing so many, but it's not there in the database yet, for some reason. So instead I found some random Vasudan ships I haven't shown yet.

I have absolutely no memory of this ship. [Edit: Oh, cause it's their support ship. Duh.]
Last up...

So, part two of the level is up for next time. I already played through it once, since it launched me into it, but I'm gonna have to do it again before I can make a watchable video.