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Descent II

by Star Man

Part 6: Level 05

Featured music - "Glut" from Descent II Redbook Soundtrack and "A Big Problem" from Descent Redbook Soundtrack

Y'know, I've never seen Waterworld before.

Imagine an ITD robot that's bigger, not as nimble, and armed with concussion missiles. Sometimes it even splits into two or three ITDs when it's destroyed.

These guys make neat little noises. They're a bit more powerful than the PIG robots, and later on they will come with a very nasty surprise. They will drop a spreadfire cannon if you do not have one already.

And there is one robot that returns from Descent 1 to pay us all a visit.

Supervisors are an extension of the other robot's senses and alerts the others of where you are. In Descent 1, they would usually drop several power-ups or spawn very dangerous enemies, but in Descent II they don't drop things very often. We'll see a few more throughout the rest of the game.