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Descent II

by Star Man

Part 10: Level 08

Featured music - "Ratzez" from the Descent II Redbook Soundtrack and "SALAMANDER BOSS Theme" from Gradius II - GOFER no YABOU by Konami

It's the last mine of Quartzon, and that means it's time for another boss robot.

This is the...Blue Fatty? There isn't a cute name for it that I am aware of, really, but we'll go with Blue Fatty. The Blue Fatty is not much of a menace, and is probably even less threatening than the Red Fatty. It fires mercury missiles and drops smart mines. Smart mine bomblets are very easy to avoid because they have awful tracking. Because its homing weapon has such limited tracking, the robot is just a really big seeker. It still cloaks and teleports around its chamber like all boss robots do. Just make it eat gauss cannon ammo and missiles and you'll be fine.

Another thing that begins in this mine is that every mine that contains a boss will also have robots that drop smart mines. They only appear in mines like this and nowhere else, so it takes a little more work to clear out minefields.