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by Star Man

Part 11: Level 09

Featured music - "Crush" from the Descent II Redbook Soundtrack.

Taoto left for a bit to celebrate his birthday, so I brought back one of the old band members.

Brimspark is the lava-themed world, and because lava causes all projectiles to explode on impact and because the lava will still damage you have to fly through a lavafall, it can become very dangerous. And fire worlds usually come with enemies with the appropriate pallet, so let's meet them:

Red hornets are the new spider spawn and behave exactly like them, though any enemy is able to spawn them. Sometimes they split into two after you destroy one, making them about as annoying as fighting the hydra. If they do multiply after destruction, it is only once and will not continue to multiply anymore. That would just be annoying

TRN racers have arms, but they never use them and only fire at you. They have a tendency to drop more than one energy power-up even though they aren't difficult to fight. Think of them as larger versions of PESTs that fire more shots at you.

And as you will see in the video, the red fatty has been demoted to a normal enemy the same way that the super hulk was downgraded to a normal enemy, but not quite as powerful this time. Orange fatties are equipped with mercury missiles and phoenix cannons and seem to go down in about half the time as the red fatty did. They occasionally spawn a handful of smelters, but because these ones do not have homing missiles, they're less of a problem. The first one that you encounter will drop a phoenix cannon, which is an upgraded plasma cannon that repels its projectiles once or twice from the wall. The direction they bounce in is not something I know how to manipulate, but I imagine it has something to do with the angle you fire from compared to the surface they repel from. They will cause damage to you if you get hit, which keeps it from being used in single player often. There will be a few points later on where I use it to trigger some very hard to reach control panels, but this one is staying out of sight for a while.