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Descent II

by Star Man

Part 12: Level 10

Featured music - "Untitled" from the Descent II Redbook Soundtrack.

For those of you that remember level 20 from Descent 1, you will remember that the access keys in that mine were carried by a robot textured in that key's color. That trickery is back again, and this time even more dangerous. Now introducing two more horribly annoying robots:

The omega defense spawn is a menace. We saw a few that were camouflaged on Quartzon, but here they are in their native form. This robot is a kamikaze robot and is extremely dangerous. The explosion it releases upon destruction is so powerful that it will even knock away power-ups that are near it. Even its own drops will bounce around the room at great speed. It will knock you back even if it is destroyed before it can touch you, so always try to keep your distance. Always be ready for other robots to release omega defense spawns, because they will release one or two of them if they do. When these robots are re-textured to look like the rock walls, they no longer try to seek you, but are very fast, drop proximity bombs or smart mines, and still retain their explosive properties. It's a very deadly robot no matter what form it takes. And it's a fish.

The e-bandit is a different kind of robot. Instead of dealing damage to you when it attacks, it drains your weapon energy instead. They are very frightening when you have exhausted your vulcan ammo and are nowhere near an energy center.