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Part 2: Level 01 - Lunar Outpost

Opening and Briefings -- Youtube
Level 01 - Lunar Outpost -- Blip.TV Polsy Youtube Download

Featured music -- Level 1 and Exit

It's time to start clearing the mines nearest to dearest Earth. THe mines on the moon are rather easy, even on Hotshot. Featured is the opening cutscene from the PSX port of Descent. It uses the same voiced found in Descent II, but I don't know if this cutscene on the PSX disc came before or after Descent II. The cutscene glosses over a lot of the original briefing from the PC version, so let's have a look at it:

And here is where you would see the first batch of robots. We won't be seeing all of them at once, so keep a look out for them.

Class 1 Drones aren't terribly problematic, but they can get annoying when they're alone. They can get dangerous when in large groups.

Class 2 Drones are about as threatening as the Class 1 Drones. They don't appear in groups nearly as often as Class 1 Drones do.

Medium Lifters make a cry that sounds like a Class 1 Drone's. They will hiss right before slashing at you. Be careful.

Small Hulks do not present much of a problem, but they are more sketchy than the drones are.

Medium Hulks; however, are very dangerous. They prefer to snipe at you with concussion missiles from a distance. They are also smart enough to try to sneak up on you and follow you around the mines.

Spiders are like Small Hulks, but will release several smaller robots once it is destroyed. The spawn are annoying, but take little damage to destroy.

So, without further ado...