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Part 5: Bashing BIOS Domain

But before we do any new dungeons, it's time to show off Digivolving.

The Digivolve Operator is in the left hand room of the Guard Team building.

Digimon can Digivolve at ELs 11 (Rookie to Champion), 21 (Champion to Ultimate), and 31 (Ultimate to Mega). It's best to do it right away since they usually learn a new tech at the next level.

Now Mjolnir is a Champion level with Water Specialty, and a bit more HP and MP.

Panzer has also been upgraded some. Its battery level is maxed out, it has a new hand equipped for better chest opening, and also has a missile gun and bug sweeper. More dungeon hazards start to appear, so these are necessary. We're ready, so we can talk to Mark to get the dungeon location.

: Yes, I think I will!

: In that case, I'll give you something useful. This is a Toy Plane. It's a super Gift that works on all Types of Digimon. Also, I'll input the location data of BIOS Domain into your Digi-Beetle Browser.

: Thanks Mark! Thanks for everything!

If you didn't get the earlier Toy Plane, this one is a mandatory grab, so we're set to capture something awesome.

Another new location on the map has opened - Meditation Dome. Let's see if Angemon made it back safely.

Well, that's nice. Bertran's here checking the place out too, but doesn't say anything interesting.

BIOS Domain is six floors deep, and home to Data-type Digimon...except for one.

It's good to start getting in the habit of checking entryways for Land Mines now. Important parts on your Beetle can get damaged by rolling over them.

: He's an Ultimate Digimon! I wonder if I can get him to be my partner? Let's see!

Soon. Very soon.

Another new hazard is the giant rock. The color determines what level missile can destroy them. Right now we can only get missiles to destroy yellow rocks.

One of the new enemy Digimon in this dungeon is Gotsumon. This party gives 22 experience, double the last dungeon, but still not awesome.

And the other two new Digimon are Floramon and Candlemon. One more experience, but a lot less money.

Goddammit now I have a poop throwing Digimon. Digimon can only know a certain number of techs, and when you start getting DNA Digivolved monsters with you, they'll have to scrap some techs to make room for others as they level.

The last floor not only houses the boss, but the MetalGreymon from earlier. And this time we can fight him...and capture him.

Instant big heart from one Toy Plane!

His attacks do a lot of damage, and we don't do much to him. His Horn Buster attack is an Interrupt attack that lowers our damage, making it even tougher.

But we win yes McCartney just got to EL 11 here, he was lagging behind.

Because he's good at blasting things.

However, even though he's nine levels ahead of everyone else, his stats aren't too good. His 160 MP only lasts so long with his techs costing 18 and 20 respectively. His attack, defense, and speed are actually lower than both Mjolnir and Pal. And being at such a high level, he'll take forever before he levels up again. It's still a nice boost in power to have, and a nice change of type for the party, since he's a Vaccine.

I should've known that chest was too good to just approach. The other new hazard in this dungeon is the Electro Spore, which is typically invisible and does a ton of damage when you step on it. They have the same color coded levels as the rocks.

Centarumon: I congratulate you for making it all the way here, especially being a green little brat!

: Who are you calling green? You don't know anything!

Centarumon: Then I'll show you what a green little brat you are! Feel lucky that you can get a lesson from the Boss of BIOS Domain, Centarumon!

This is probably the first "tough" boss of the game. Centarumon hits hard, and Starmon's Meteor Stream is a Counter Attack that hits the whole party. The Gabumon is there to annoy you and add damage.

Mjolnir learned a new tech at EL 12, but it's not too useful.

It takes a few rounds and a healing item. With evolved Digimon, it's not that bad. Time to go back to the City and report in.

: On top of that, you also beat the Boss Digimon of the uncharted BIOS Domain! A job very well done! Keep up the good work!

: Thank you, Sir!

: Thor, take this card. It's an Entry Pass. It'll let you enter the Tamer Ranking Tournaments at the Coliseum. Winning or losing is not important. You must sharpen your skills through battle!

Actually winning is important since you need to be a higher rank to take on a mission soon.

: Thank you, sir! I'll do my best!!

: I have a new mission for you, Thor. Our spies say that Wild Digimon are gathering in Drive Domain and Web Domain. We think that the Boss Digimon are gathering their troops together. Thor, your mission is to go out to the Drive and Web Domains to destroy the Bosses!

: Yes Sir!

On the way out...

: You have been cleared, Chief Maestro. Proceed.

: We got a problem. Turn off the Item Making Machines now.

Item Vendor: Yes Sir, Chief Maestro. I'll take care of it right away.

: What's happening? The Chief looks so serious.

: The City's Power Generator went offline and we are trying to repair it.

: Hmmm...How long will it take to repair t completely?

: It'll take a while. Until then, a spare will have to do. But it won't be able to supply the City's entire power needs. So we had to stop the Item Making Machines, which use the most energy.

: I guess we have no choice. We just have to get by for now.

: Sorry, I didn't mean to butt in on your conversation...But it is definitely strange that the Power Generator failed so suddenly.

: That's true. The last checkup didn't show anything wrong...It looks like there is a whole bunch of Parts missing. It is not a simple breakdown. But who would want to steal Power Generator Parts? And for what?

: Hmmm...Who would do a thing like that?

: Don't worry, Sir! I'll find the culprit!

: OK, Thor. Go ahead!

: Thor! Please find whoever took the Parts!

And now we can only buy EP Packs here, and Digi-Beetle Parts at the Main Gate. Hope you stocked up on healing items! (I did)

Next time: Ranking up, then searching for a Parts thief!