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Part 20: Island of Files

Mjolnir started life as a demon and now sticks to being an angel.

Might as well do this before leaving for the island.

We'll be fighting this chick first. She was also the first opponent in tournament 4.

She doesn't like variety. They all have the same attacks, including two that hit the entire party.

It's our third time fighting Joy Joy in the tournaments, and the fourth time overall.

She's got someone familiar on her side, and someone new. Etemon goes first since he can cause status effects.

Leomon doesn't take any of her bullshit.

He sure seems confident in our skills.

Myotismon's Grisly Wing hits the entire party for a good amount of damage. Too bad Mjolnir hasn't relearned that yet. Phantomon goes next, and then Megadramon.

We become an Elite Tamer and get a Max Driver for winning. Time to go back to the plot.

: I'm sorry to report that I was not able to capture Crimson.

: Yes. I heard the report. That was too bad. But don't be so disappointed. You will have other chances.

: That's right. You just need to go to File Island. You can get there if you can fix the emergency Escape Pod on the Archive Ship. To fix it, you need to find the Ship Key, the stolen Navi-Disk, and three other Ship Parts.

: I have the Navi-Disk...Crimson gave it to me...Are these the Ship Parts you were talking about? I found them in the Domains. I didn't know what they were because they are so old...

: Yeah! Those are the lost Parts!

: Then all I need to find is the Ship Key!?

: That's right! Then you can fix the escape Pod Ship and use it!

: Black Sword Leader! I will go and find the Ship Key!

: Yes. We are counting on you, Thor! If the Ship Key is in one of those Domains, the Digimon might know where it is.

: Good luck, Thor. I'll go ahead to Archive Port and prepare the Pod Ship. Come straight to Archive Port when you find the Ship Key! I'll be waiting!

If Digimon might know where it is, we should go to a place to ask some friendly Digimon.

: It's an Archive Ship Part. I need it to go to File Island and find the Blood Knights.

: That's a very important key...Hmmm... Yes! A Digimon who collects all sorts of Items is here right now. I'm sure he can find the Item you're looking for.

: Thank you Angemon!

: Agumon! We were just talking about you. Do you know anything about a thing called a Ship Key? It's a Part from a very old ship.

: Yeah! I've heard about that! But where did I hear about it? Hmmm...?? I can't remember!!

: Really? Where did you hear about it?

: Uh... Hmm... I can't remember. But I'm sure that I have heard about it.

: Well, if it comes back to you, let him know right away.

: Okay. I'll let you know if I remember. Let me check my collection of Items. Just to be sure.

: I want to ask a favor of you. Would you do it for me? If you get there, could you give my friend a message? Please tell the legendary fighter, MasterTyrannomon, that I will go and see him some day. It's my dream to battle the legendary MasterTyrannomon on File Island!!

: Sure Leomon. I'll be sure to give him the message.

Agumon's moved to the Digimon Center. Let's see if he found that item.

: I remembered where that Ship Key you're looking for is!

: Wow! Really! So where is the Ship Key Agumon?

: Well...I have it! This is the Ship Key. Here, you can have it!

: Thanks Agumon!!

: I'm glad you're happy. I've been using it to play with and I was about to throw it away.

Good thing he didn't!

: Great job Thor!! Now we can start up the Pod Ship and go to File Island! Let's go to the control room in the back and begin the start up sequence!

: Roger Mr. Oldman!

: I'll access you DB-Browser and transfer the needed Parts. Then I'll install those Parts into the control system...OK! It's working!! Then I'll access the main panel with this Ship Key and install vital data...

: Yes, I'm alright. Are you? But... Have we... finally reached File Island?

: Hmmm... I'm not really sure. Since we used the Auto-Navigation System, I'm not sure if this is File Island.

: OK. I'll go and check out the area.

: OK, Thor. Be careful. In the meantime, I'll start up the Teleport Gate to connect to Archive Port!

Of course our map clearly says that this is File Island. There's only one other place to visit right now, File City.

: Who are you calling huge? What a rude little kid!

: Wow! It spoke! You're a Digimon?

: What? Is there something wrong with me being a Digimon? I'm MasterTyrannomon, the defender of File City. What do you want?

: So you're the legendary Digimon that Leomon was talking about. MasterTyrannomon, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be disrespectful to you. I just wanted to hear stories about Crimson and the old days in this City...

: No way! Not a chance!! I can't let a suspicious character like you into the City!!

: That's not fair! Please, let me in!!

Maybe if we tried to explain why we came here, or who we are, or where we're from, we'd get farther.

But no, the correct option is to beat him up.

: I can tell whether a person is good or bad if I battle them! If you're serious, come to the place on the message. If you are an enemy spy, I'll flatten you like a pancake right then and there!!

: What? I have to fight you? If I accept your offer to prove to you that I'm not a spy, will you let me into the City?

: Yes, of course. That's a promise!!

: Alright then. I accept your challenge.

Next time: Beating up a dinosaur.