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Part 28: The Seven Bosses of Data Domain

Last one! For some reason, Data Domain has Vaccine type Digimon, though the bosses are mixed types.

If you're trying to do the dungeon in one go, it's best to run from all or most of the random encounters to save your resources for the massive amount of bosses and to preserve your sanity.

However, if you have to leave due to levels capping, getting to evolution levels, or needing supplies, whatever bosses you've beaten stay beaten.

The first two bosses are on Floor 8. This is your breather floor.

Remember Modem Domain? It's that all over again.

: Are you calling my machine a rusty bucket? Are you challenging me?

: Oh no!! Bertran is acting weird again!

His Okuwamon needs to go down first because of Duo ScissorClaw. Digitamamon can confuse, but typically guards. Ninjamon is no problem, even with his counter attack.

It would've gone faster with my own Okuwamon in the party, but oh well.

: Hey, Bertran! Are you alright!?

: …!? Hey!? Thor!? What are you doing here? And...Where are Joy Joy and the others? After entering this Domain, I heard a weird sound...! Don't tell me! I walked into an enemy trap again?

: ...Yes. It looks like it...

: What!? Those sneaky bunch of...!!

: Hey, Bertran! Calm down!

Anyway, we know that Joy Joy is somewhere in this Domain, as well some other people. Six bosses to go.

And she wasn't too far.

: Oh no!? Joy Joy! Not you too!?

Same sort of party that Bertran had. Deramon can confuse like Bertran's Digitamamon, Monzaemon carries Giga Byte Wing, which makes us unable to cure statuses, and Starmon has a counter that hits the entire party.

It went horribly. Confusion is a bitch, and I don't typically carry status healing items, and Gig was the one who kept ending up confused. He's the one with a curing move.

: Joy Joy! Are you alright?

: My head hurts...What? Thor? What are you doing here?

: Joy Joy! I want to know what you're doing here!

: ...I guess, I walked into an enemy trap, again...The guard leader told us to come and assist you...But instead, it looks like we added to your troubles. I'm sorry...

: That's alright. Don't worry about it. In any case, this Floor is too dangerous. You'd better go back up a Floor.

: Yes, I think I'll do that. I'll see you later.

Isn't that impossible? You can go down floors, or leave the domain, but not go back up. Speaking of leaving, I pop out to grab some Anti-Mixups. Chomper is the right level for Digivolution, but I won't be doing that for DNA reasons. Five bosses left now.

Floor 11 has the next three bosses.

: Oh no!? You too Mark Shultz!?

Angewomon is the one in this party that carries Sonic Crusher. MagnaAngemon can heal, and Garudamon has a party-wide attack. Also this guy totally stole our party, I've had all three of those guys.

Party make up and luck with not getting confused really made a difference. Four left.

: Are you alright?

: What!?

: Are you alright Mr. Shultz?

: I was...surrounded by Gekomon...Darn! I must have lost consciousness with their Confusion Attack! How stupid I am! I'll have to train much harder! See you later!!

: Wait! Mr. Shultz, wait!!

Sonic Crusher is Gekomon's signature attack, so it makes sense.

???: Steps have to be quick and smooth! One, Two, Three!

: Debbie is acting weird too.

Such a stereotypical girly party. Piximon is the one who has Sonic Crusher this time. Blossomon and Lillymon aren't any trouble compared to that.

My math skills must be rusty, because I swore Cheddar would be able to hit 31. I'm not leaving again, so we'll have to deal with lost experience.

: Debbie! Debbie! Wake up!

: That's it...Palmon...That's it...! What!? Where am I? Where is Palmon...? What's happening?

: You walked into an enemy trap.

: A trap? You've got to be kidding! Oh my gosh!? How embarrassing! I'm out of here!

: Wait! Wait! Debbie! Debbie!!

See, Bertran and Joy Joy are used to this trap nonsense, while the others aren't. Three bosses left.

: Wow! You seem normal! Why haven't you gone weird yet!?

: Weird? What are you talking about? I'm totally normal! You see! You see! You see! I am...totally...totally...OK!!

Vademon is the confuser this time. Myotismon hits the whole party with Crimson Wing, and Phantomon doesn't do much.

I even took a chance to recover MP at the end.

: Mr. Chris Conner! Are you alright!?

: ...My head hurts...Oh my...What happened? Where am I? And you...You are Thor...Aren't you?

: That's right! I'm Guard Tamer Thor! You and the others walked into an enemy trap and passed out.

: What!? I see...It looks like we came here to assist you, but instead, you ended up saving us...I guess I need more training. Thor, be careful with the Gekomon on this Domain!

: OK! Thanks for the warning!

: Well, I'm sure you can handle them. Now I have to go back and get my Digi-Beetle stocked up! I'll see you later!

Two left. The next one is on floor 14.

An odd party with only two enemies. They're all over floor 14 as well.

???: My voice always sounds so beautiful, ribbit!!

: Hey, Gekomon! Come out here!

???: Who, ribbit, is calling me?

: I'm the Guard Tamer Thor! I came to destroy you!

???: Ribbit, ribbit! Another Guard Tamer? I just knocked out a bunch of you with my beautiful voice, ribbit!!

: Your ugly voice won't affect me!

???: Anyone who calls my voice ugly will pay!!

Still have to beware of confusion, plus they're on a Water Specialty floor so they're powered up slightly. ShogunGekomon's Musical Fist attack can oddly restore our HP a smidge.

It took a bit longer thanks to the defense boost of the water floor. One boss left, and it's the main boss of the Domain.

No enemies, just traps.

Chaos Piedmon: You're not a weakling Blood Knight, are you? You must be the Guard Tamer after them!

: That's right!! I'm Thor, a Guard Tamer!!

Chaos Piedmon: Ha, ha, ha!! You're a feisty little kid!! But soon you'll regret ever meeting me, the great General, Chaos Piedmon!! It'll be amusing to destroy you and prove the incompetence of Crimson!

No more confusion. This party is all about dealing damage. Giromon's Big Bang Boom and Andromon's Lightning Blade hit the whole party for near 20 damage after Tidal Wave, and Chaos Piedmon (who is called Pierrotmon in the battle screen...) hits one at a time for the same amount, and the attack can't be targeted with an Interrupt Attack.

20 damage is nothing when I'm typically hitting for over 100.

That's three rings! This fetch quest is OVER!

Next time: Turning our rings into a "prize".