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Part 29: Hitting Things Hard in Soft Domain

One of my favorite Digimon. Feels nice to get another Mega, too.

Two Megas!

: That's great Thor! We can find where Soft Domain is with those Rings! Let's see! Each ring has a picture of a Digimon. By converting them into data...There, we got it! These are the coordinates of Soft Domain.

: Thank you Jijimon!! Now that we have the location, I will go to Soft Domain!

: Thor, be very careful.

Soft Domain is up by that factory looking thing on the island. 16 floors deep, mixed Digimon types.

The journey starts off by spawning in the elevator room. Looking good!

Ultimates have been appearing since floor 1. There's only two teams that are only Champions in the dungeon, and they disappear after floor 2.

Second time I got this layout, and the elevator was in the same spot both times.

I've actually been running from most battles now, trying to conserve HP, MP and experience. It's not like I need to grind for levels, anyway.

Forced to cross a red Acid Swamp on the last floor. It's becoming more common.

Some new groups start appearing on floor 13. This is another weird two Digimon group. SkullMeramon also moves two spaces.

This group gives out the most experience in the dungeon, at 723. Also I nearly fully explored this floor before finding the elevator was right below where I started.

Another group with new guys.

The penultimate floor is where things get harder. Our first wild Megas. There's only one of those per party, and only one other Digimon with them. It's still tough, especially if you're low on resources. This party even moves two spaces.

Pukumon shows up here too. SkullMammothmon is said to sometimes appear but I didn't see him.

There are no random encounters on the last floor, just a straight hallway to the boss.

: I am glad to see you again Thor. It's been a while.

: Crimson! This time, I'm not letting you escape!!

: Is that so? Do you really think you can capture me? My plan is moving along and is almost complete. I'm not about to quit now!

Crimson comes with a Mega and two Ultimates. Both flavors of Myotismon have Grisly Wing, which hits the whole party, and Pumpkinmon's Trick or Treat attack does the same thing.

So we do the same back to them. They were hitting for about 9-15 damage after Tidal Wave, while I was hitting for 70-90 after DuoScissor Claw.

After two rounds, they're in bad shape.

And go down after one more wave of attacks.

: I could use that power! It would be great if you would join me...

: Do you expect me to help you? Not a chance!

: ...I see... In that case, I must proceed on my own. Go ahead! Chaos Lord is waiting for you further in. I'm going to Directory Continent as I've got everything I came here for. Good bye Thor. See you in the next world.

Heal up, since there's one more battle to do here.

There's also lots of Acid to cross. Red Acid hits for 250 HP on the Beetle. MechFix-EX is a necessity here.

I thought I brought enough, but apparently not. I barely made it.

: That's right! I'm Thor!! Chaos Lord! I have defeated all of your men! You're next!!

Chaos Lord: You defeated all my men? Ha, ha, ha. So what? I was going to destroy them all including the 3 Chaos Generals anyway! Only the most powerful Digimon can exist in this world! And that's me, Chaos Lord!!

: What!?

Chaos Lord: All living beings strive to reach the peak of evolution! Only the winner of all battles will reach that peak. Which will be me!! Do you really think you can defeat me, Chaos Lord, the most powerful Digimon?

This badass would qualify for a fake final boss if it felt like we were anywhere near the end of the game.

Though three rounds and he's already at half. His attacks aren't anything amazing, Pulse Blast is the most annoying since it lowers attack, while Chaos Cannon can't be interrupted.

Battle strategy = Tidal Wave + DuoScissor Claw/Horn Buster + strong single target attacks.

Chaos Lord: I guess the most powerful Digimon on this island was just another Digimon in the bush...It seems that humans and Digimon training hard together makes for greater digivolution. But I'm not going down this easily...Neither are the three Chaos Generals...We'll be revived into new Forms with the Item I gave to Crimson...That's it...That is what our Guardians desire...

: Chaos Lord...

And that's it for the dungeon, and this little quest on File Island!

Next time: Going back home.