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Part 32: Ramming Into Domains and Plot

RAM Domain is pretty much the same as the last one. Actually I believe you're supposed to go here first, as there's only three bosses and the final guy has lower leveled Digimon.

Trap rooms like this are pointless since we can actually get through them.

First midboss is on floor 7. Says the same things, too.

He actually has two Mega levels with him, Machinedramon and Piedmon. Machinedramon's Giga Cannon attack is the strongest, Piedmon can hit the entire party, and Digitamamon can lower defense and attack of any Vaccine types, of which I have two in my party.

If Gig maxes out in this dungeon, I'll just keep him with me until I beat this place. Luckily, Zetta won't get to 31 until after the final boss of the Domain as long as I don't fight anything else.

The second boss is on floor 12. He's only got one Mega with him, Boltmon. Skimping a bit with that Champion level, too. Boltmon's pretty strong, hitting for over 20 damage on our entire party after a Tidal Wave. It might seem sad that I call over 20 damage "strong" for enemies this late in the game.

Didn't grab a screen of the results for the first time ever, but we got 1572 experience and 5460 bits. And Gig didn't max out.

Something I noticed about traps: they have to be placed in rooms, which have that different floor tile than hallways do. So sometimes you get a tiny room with a trap or two in it. It's good to go slowly through skinny halls and watch for blank looking rooms, since there might be a hidden trap.

Oh my grammar.

: That voice is Commander Damien's, isn't it?

: The Blood Knights main man, Commander Damien, will take care of you!!

See, his team is weaker than last time. WaruMonzaemon can lower attack and defense of Data types, like Mjolnir currently is. They all can lower motivation, blocking our attacks.

Motivation being lowered is annoying, since it blocks your strongest attacks. This is why it's good to keep a full list of stuff to pick from.

: Commander Damien, you need to train much more...

: Are you telling me that I'm not good enough? You really make me mad! Don't get too cocky! I'll finish you the next time we meet!!

: You always say that and run away...Come on...give it up!

Once we get back to town and try to leave again, there's some events.

: This is a problem...What should I do?

: Ha, ha. The security of Digital City is nothing! I'll keep causing problems for this City. Where shall I place my next bomb? Drats, it's that girl again! This is not good!

: Esteena, what's wrong? And why are you suddenly part of the plot again?

: Hi Thor, excuse me. I'm in a hurry.

: Esteena...I wonder what's up with her? And that Black Tamer...His weird voice...could he be? I'd better follow him!

But before we do that, we get an awesome golden beetle.

: I don't need no Entry Pass! I'm Commander...Ooops...I must be careful...I almost revealed my true identity! It's not easy to be infamous.

You are the worst villain ever.

: …

: Could that be the little kid? Ooops. This is not good! I must try not to be noticed here...Excuse me kid. I'm in a hurry. I must go...

: I wonder...Commander Damien, Sir!

: Yes! What do you want kid? Oh no! He tricked me. Why did I answer him!? I'd better run!!

: You're good kid. Better than I thought. You saw through my perfect disguise. You must be a super Tamer.

: Your disguise was perfect, but your odd voice gave you away.

: My voice is odd?? Oh Nooooo!! Are you telling me that my gentlemanly voice gave away my identity? Hmm...In that case, I don't need this disguise anymore. I shall get changed!

: Well...whatever...So, what are you doing here in Digital City?

Arrest him! Call other Tamers! Do something smart, Thor!.

: I can't face Crimson after losing to you so many times. I plan to blow up Digital City! I placed time bombs in the City!

: What!? You placed time bombs in the City!?

: That's right! This is the end of Digital City! When I press this icon on my Digi-Beetle Browser...Kaboom! So get out of my way!

: Esteena!? What are you doing here?

: Commander Damien! I have found all the bombs you placed! The Chief Engineer and the others have taken them apart by now! Give it up!

: Oh Nooo! My great plan!!

: I won't be captured here!

: Surrender!

: You are completely surrounded!

: Give yourself up!

: I can handle these weaklings. I'll show you my real power. My special karate power!! If you want a surrender, come and get it. Now is your chance!

: I don't think that would be a good idea, Commander Damien...

: Punch, punch, punch! Chop, chop, karate chop! What?! It's not working! Darn. It's no good...OK, OK. I give up! I'll surrender!!

: We'll take him to our Leaders!

: Esteena, you called security?

: Yes Thor. I didn't want anything to go wrong...

: Thank you. That was smart thinking. You saved the City and everyone I nit. I want to do something for you...

: What? You don't have to thank me...Except...There is one thing...Do you know anything about a thing called GAIA? If you know anything about GAIA. Whatever you know. Please tell me.

: GAIA...? I've heard that name before...

: Really!? Please try to remember!! It's very important for me and for you too! Really important!!

: Yes, I remember! It's the name of the device that Kim built! It's a strange device that Kim built, at Device Dome, from Parts she found in the Domains!

: A strange device!?

: Yes. It's not human or Digimon, but it thinks and talks.

: It thinks on its own!? That's it Thor!! Thor, please take me to Device Dome!

: I think so...let me check. Program GAIA, access...Transmit ID and password...GAIA! Do you recognize me? Please answer!

: find...Everything level code...check...Emergency level code...check...You have been recognized as First Class Engineer Esteena Violet.

: I'm glad that your Backup program is still working GAIA!

: Yes, my Backup functions are operational. However, my original program cannot be accessed. It is still out of control.

: Yes, I know. That's why I came down here looking for you. We may be able to find a way to stop GAIA, once I take you back. Unless we hurry, the life support systems of the humans down here will run out. Then...

: Receiving an outside transmission call...

: You can finally receive call signals from the outside!

: Esteena, what's going on? Who are you really?

: Thor, I don't have time to explain everything...I came from the outside world. This place was created inside a huge computer called "GAIA".

: The outside world? A computer called "GAIA"? What's this?

: This "cyberspace" was created to study digital evolution.

: Detecting a transfer beam...Begin transfer...

: Esteena? What do you mean? Hey! Where did you go? The outside world? A computer called "GAIA"? What was that all about? Everything is so confusing. Hmm..I think I should go back to the City for now.

And just like that, our hero dismisses that very important plot dump.

Next time: Chasing Crimson, one last time.