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Part 39: Final Update

Update 35: Final Update

Hey, so thanks for sticking around this far. Beating the game unlocks a new difficulty:

Hard mode is Normal mode except harder. Go figure. Beating Hard mode will unlock Very Hard mode.

As for other 'things' to do in this game and random stuff that wasn't covered in the LP:


Fuck off.I would prefer to not do these, because they require beating the game two more times on different difficulties, and I may or may not go insane with this soul-crushing game. Basically, do the sidequests and you get the digivolutions, although some have special requirements, like "Use a specific item" or "finish with one HP".

What I'm saying is "Fucking hell this game makes me hate myself for playing it."


Given that cards are random, I can't really do anything about that. Of the 50 cards, we have about 45.

Unique Item:

I don't know if I mentioned this already, but there is a unique item for each Digivolution. You saw them using them in the credits. Problem with that is, I have to go through and kill every boss on Hard mode again. See the soul-crushing part of the Digivolutions rant.

Max Level:


The max level is 999. I'm level 39 now. Do the math.

Max Tech:

Tech is maxed out at 9999, I think. I honestly don't know. It's only good for three things, anyway. Equipping weapons, doing damage, and learning new magic.

Learning Magic Techs:

New techs are learned as you level up and as you tech up. You learn three techs as you level up - Blast, Heal, and Force. By levelling them up, you learn other techs in the family. If you watched the sidequests, I had Giga Bolt and Venom, two Blast techniques, Heal and Cure, two Heal techniques, and Bind and Sleep, two Force techniques.

That's it for Digimon World 4! Thanks for reading along, and special thanks to Raitzeno for suffering along with me for that multiplayer door waaaaay back when.