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Part 38: Bonus Sidequests Galore!

Bonus Update 4: Sidequests Galore!

So hey! Sidequest time!

So the way I'll be doing this is this: I'll give all the necessary informations (Trigger, Goal, Video, Reward). I will also include a 'highlight' of the dungeon, which is a point at which I think my internal monologue was amusing.

The first four side quests are up here.

Sidequest 1: Undead Yard

Trigger: Talk to the top-left Digi-Elf after the Numenume Rescue

Goal: Kill as many enemies as possible

Gimmick: Timed (counting up)

Soundtrack: Tension

Dungone: Undead Yard

Video: See Bonus Update 3 for this one

Reward: H-Kabuterimon Digivolution

Sidequest 2: Barbarian Cave

Trigger: Talk to this Digi-Elf at any point following its rescue

Goal: Kill boss

Gimmick: Timed (counting up)

Soundtrack: Hunting

Dungeon: Barbarian Cave

Video: Barbarian Cave

Reward: Battle Hawk Beta (the cheapskate)



Sidequest 3: Card Retrieval

Trigger: Talk to this Digi-Elf after having 25 different cards

Goal: Kill boss and get B. Pack

Gimmick: Can't heal

Soundtrack: Tension

Dungeon: Captive Dungeon

Video: Captive Dungeon

Reward: 200 BITS (the cheapskate)


Why do they do this? It's like they don't want me to play the game.

Sidequest 4: Seal the Souls

Trigger: Talk to this Digi-Elf after defeating MaloMyotismon. You must be alone.

Goal: Place Strange Figurine at back of cave then leave

Gimmick: Timed while leaving (15 minutes counting down)

Soundtrack: Bewilderment

Dungeon: Forbidden Shrine

Video: Forbidden Shrine

Reward: Brave Board Gamma


Fucking MarineDevimon GET OUT OF MY WAY

Sidequest 5: Item Road

Trigger: Talk to this Digi-Elf (directly above the card keeper) after beating the game

Goal: Kill boss

Gimmick: Counter of number of chests opened

Soundtrack: Hunting

Dungeon: Item Road

Video: Item Road

Reward: WarGreymon Digivolution



Sidequest 6: Item Trading

Trigger: Talk to this Digi-Elf (north of the battery) after trading with PrinceMamemon 5 times

Goal: Trade a bunch

Gimmick: You trade

Soundtrack: Trading

Dungeon: Trading Hall

Video: Trading Hall

Reward: Better version of the best item you got



Sidequest 7: Item Retrieval

Trigger: Talk to this Digi-Elf (north of battery) after starting another sidequest

Goal: Kill boss

Gimmick: Fuck if I know, this is a weird dungeon

Soundtrack: Bewilderment

Dungeon: Cursed Dungeon

Video: Cursed Dungeon

Reward: Also fuck if I know. I didn't get anything


This was a weird dungeon. Glad that shit's over.

Sidequest 8: The Legendary Coliseum

Trigger: Talk to this Digi-Elf (right next to Data Keeper) after beating MaloMyotismon

Goal: Kill boss

Gimmick: It's that gauntlet that we fought earlier in Grief Wasteland

Soundtrack: Dry Land

Dungeon: No dungeon. It's in Grief Wasteland

Video: Legendary Coliseum

Reward: None



Sidequest 9: Summoning of Gekomon

Trigger: Talk to the Digi-Elf (right next to the Board Seller) after beating Lucemon

Goal: Kill boss

Gimmick: Timed (counting down)

Soundtrack: Venom Swamp

Dungeon: No dungeon. It's in Mangrove Forest

Video: Summoning of Gekomon

Reward: None


Get up so I can hit you more! No, seriously, get up, the time is running out.

Sidequest 10: The Final Dungeon

Trigger: Talk to the Digi-Elf (right next to Card Keeper) after beating the nine previous Sidequests

Goal: Kill boss

Gimmick: None. It's just a really long dungeon.

Soundtrack: Bewilderment

Dungeon: Dungeon of Doom

Video: Dungeon of Doom

Reward: Battle Hawk Alpha (with like five mods and it's orange)


Aaaaaaand right here is where I stop trying to fight.

My main tip for these dungeons are "Always try to head to the back". Unlike the other dungeons in the game, these are fairly straightforward.