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Part 15: Training Montage 1 (Fresh to Champion)

Fresh Digimon like Botamon don't get normal techs, just bubble. Bubble is alarmingly weak so don't even bother with fighting.

Sirloins are the essential element here. They reduce tiredness, which means we can squeeze in a little more training each day.

Also instead of selling more Sirloin, he sells these two food items, which boost training effects, half of the stats each. Also, Super Carrots reduce weight while still being filling. We've got everything we need to manage weight in whichever direction we could want.

I've been hoarding these for a good reason. If I'm going to raise a suitable digimon for kicking the final boss's ass.


Not even two hours old and he's already so tough!

He's hungry, huh? Well I know just the thing, objectively evil actions!

Like taking a newborn infant into the frozen wastes and feeding him tainted meat with the express purpose of giving him a life-threatening illness.

All I can say is that I have to do this in order to recruit every Digimon.

He nearly instantly melts while comedy sound effects like slide whistles indicate that your friend is dead.

We're going to have to go through some inane bullshit before he turns around and realizes it isn't a dream, aren't we?

Luckily a snowman saved us.

It's like they realized they forgot to explain how or why Finn was unconscious too, but instead of reworking the scene they just came up with something stupid.

Considering the path I've decided on, it'll be a while before we get something that doesn't suffer in the cold.

Ringo is a Botamon for only six hours before becoming something marginally less useless.

Why exactly you have the fresh to in-training thing when it happens so soon and there's no difference in stats is beyond me.

And he still sucks at training. Dammit.

Well, I guess there's no better time to feed him the sea bass than the present. He's going to have to do a lot of work and having a few extra hours might be a critical difference.

Oh hey, he's sleepy!

Time to throw off the entire clock for normal digivolution then!

So we listen to that Kabuterimon from Beetle Land and let an in-training digimon sleep in Kunemon's Bed.

...This took way too many tries for the normal saving routine being the trigger.

We've got a bug already! Now it's just time to make him a competent bug.

The Digivolution bonus was fairly kind to Ringo's ignored MP and Brains stats, and the boost to speed put him already at the requirements for Champion. Unfortunately we'll have to ignore MP some more, as every champion Kunemon can become but Kabuterimon requires 1000 MP, and I'm after Kabuterimon.

We get our first nature tech for free, at least. Kunemon gets a few air techs as well, most notably Megalo Spark if you want to fight some zebra unicorns.

His Brains can safely go over 100, so there's one of my last few chips down his gullet.

They actually do have messages for all of the new commands. I just skipped one with Jake by getting his brains to a multiple of 100 with the defense drill.

The Hawk Radish doesn't increase it by much, but every little bit helps.

Also HerculesKabuterimon is pretty heavy, and portable potties don't decrease weight like normal toilets do. The proper use of Sirloin and portable potties is how you get to weights like 55 for some ultimates.

Anyway, Ringo finally hits Champion. He's 3. This throws the clock I'm used to completely out, I guess I shouldn't have digivolved him to Kunemon so quickly.

Of course its to my own Kabuterimon.

Luckily he's already a good way to having great stats. Maybe this won't be as hard as I thought!