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Part 16: The Promise

Chapter 14: The Promise

Last time on Disgaea 2 Taro went up the river. Today, we start off after him.

Drama- Episode 5 Intro

What have I done...?
That's too bad. The river flows right into the Cavern of Evil.
If he falls in there, we'll never see Taro again. Someone do something.
Come to zink of it, he was a nice kid. May his soul rest in peace...
Idiot! Taro is my servant! I won't lose a servant to this stupid river!
Fine, pretend he's your servant if it helps, but we have to save him now! Let's go!
Adell, wait! I'm going with you!
No! Wait right here! We might have to go into the cavern to save him!
Then you'll need me even more! I'll show you how useful I am!
Adell! There's no time to argue! Didn't you say we have to save him now!?
...O, OK. Fine! But, you better listen to me! OK, Hanako?
System Message: Hanako has forced her way into your group!

Hanako has joined us. She's a monster type character who specializes in buffs. She's got several unique techs that buff all the characters around her. She also takes less damage from monsters in much the same way as Axel taking less damage from humanoids.

What are you waiting for, Hanako!?
Th, this wasn't s'posed to happen... I, I just wanted to...

Now for a brief interlude before the end of the chapter.

I guess you're right, honey. Adell can protect them.
While you were out praying, have you remembered anything about Adell's parents?
Umm... No, I don't remember anything about them.
Hmm, me neither. But, I do vaguely remember their faces...

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