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Part 19: Coliseum, Zam

Chapter 17- Coliseum, Zam

Last time on Disgaea 2 we saved Taro from a gruesome fate. Today, we head out on a new course to adventure or something and meet a very odd person, zam.

Drama- Intro

Thank you, Adell. It's all thanks to you.
No, not just me. It was thanks to everyone.
Oh? Everyone, huh...? Looks like you all are good friends now.
N, no! That's not it.
Zere is no need to be embarrassed. Are we not one big happy family now?
Oh, hohoho! Whatever the case may be, I'm just glad we won't have to throw out all these cooking ingredients now.
OK, Adell. As a reward, I'll cook you a feast.
M, me too. I wanna make something for Princess.
Hmmm. Then, I shall look forward to it. I am awfully hungry.
...Miss Rozalin. Thank you for rescuing our children. You have our deepest gratitude.
Hmmm. You have nothing to worry about. I only did what was right.
Please relax and get some rest today. Make yourself at home.
Y, yes. I shall.
Family... What a wonderful feeling.

By the way NISA can't make up their mind how they want to spell Coliseum in this section so they'll call it a Collosseum at least a couple times, which is of course wrong, zam.

Drama- Zam

My father has always been concerned with my well being. That is why my existence was a closely guarded secret.
Huh? Princess, where is Tink?
Maybe he's still asleep. He is a frog. Maybe he needs to hibernate.
????: Uhm, excuse me.
Huh? Wh, who are you?

Hey, Tardo. Do you think the Colosseum is that ancient building?
Yeah, maybe... It probably is that building.
So child, do you know where it is, zam? Can you tell me how to get there, please?
Sure. I think it's through Gate GZ256.
Uh huh. Gate GZ256. ...Got it, zam.
Yaha, thanks for your help. I will repay your kindness.
Huh? Sounds like getting there is really important to you.
Oh, it is. Overlord Zenon is going to sponsor a battle arena there, zam.
Zenon's sponsoring a battle arena!?
Yes. To celebrate the first victory, the winner gets to, guess what, zam...! They get to meet Overlord Zenon!!
Meet Zenon!!?
Is that true!?
Absolutely! He's supposed to be the strongest in the universe.
...This couldn't be more perfect. In fact, it sounds too good to be true.
Who cares? We know how to find him now.
Are you entering this battle?

A ninja's chi comes from the heart, zam. So, young ninjas like me have to say zam to focus their chi in to their heart...
That's why I say "Zam," zam.
Is that all it takes to be a ninja? So, I can be a ninja, too, zam?
Oh? You...
Wh, what is it? Is there something on my face?
That snowy glow in your eyes... Can it be that you're from the Snow Clan...?
No, the only survivors from the Snow Clan were...
What are you babbling about? I know nothing of this clan.
Hmmm. Is that so, zam? That glow in your eye is clearly that of the Snow Clan...
It may be possible that my mother was a descendant of this clan of yours.
Wow, zam. I'm very excited just thinking about meeting someone else form our clan, zam.
After I have fulfilled my duty, I hope I can talk to you some more in private, zam.
But, I have to go now. Bye bye!!

...We're gonna enter this battle arena, too!
That is the prudent course of action. Knowing that the prize is meeting my father, we cannot simply sit and watch it.
My apologies. I was taking a long shower.
A shower...? What's the point of showering if you're a frog?
Oh ho, even zough I look like zis, old habits, zey die hard. Oh ho ho ho!

All of Yukimaru's themes from this game are very excellent. Shinobi Dance, which plays here, is great. Another of her tracks we'll hear later, Elegy of the Tundra, is also quite good. Yukimaru is a demon ninja, and we'll be seeing plenty more of her soon enough.

Next time on Disgaea 2: Etna's Proposal