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Part 33: Fubuki Strikes!

Chapter 30: Fubuki Strikes!

Last time on Disgaea 2 we started chasing after the Prinnies. This time, we meet their new benefactor.

Drama- Rebelling Spirit Intro

Seeing the change in them, I wonder how badly you really treated them. They'll fight to stay free from you, zam.
Their disloyalty has brought them even closer together, zam.
Don't judge me. I treat them exactly how they're supposed to be treated.
20 hour work days, with no holidays or compensation. No insurance, or retirement fund. They get a 1-fish bonus, twice a year.
See? It's a standard Prinny contract. It builds character.
You... are evil...
I'm a princess and feel like I should take the Prinnies' side...

Map- Rebelling Spirit

This is a very annoying gimmick map. The entire map is covered in No Lifting and Fusion. Fusion will take two enemies on the map and combine them, leaving an enemy of their total level. The enemies are all level 40 prinnies. If you let them sit long enough, you will quickly get a prinny that's too powerful for you to kill. There's a couple of ways to deal with this. You can lift one of your prinnies off your base panel and throw it at the uber-prinny after the fusion is done. Alternatively, you can push through to the No Lifting panel while the prinnies are still of reasonable level and kill it, allowing you to throw any that get out of hand. The prinnies are unequipped so they're actually much weaker than you'd expect for their levels. You should be able to kill level 80s without much problem.

Oh and I guess I should talk about Etna's specials. She has the same specials as in Disgaea. Her first is Prinny Raid, which hits a single target for a large amount of damage at a medium range. Her second is Sexy Beam. This hits a heart-shaped outline, with Etna at the base of the heart. Any target hit takes heavy damage and it also causes Deprave, which reduces the stats of the enemy. It also has a hilarious animation.

Drama- Rebelling Spirit Outro

Ha, you say that now, but you didn't even know how to fight until I taught you.
That may be true, but you must admit that it takes considerable talent to progress as quickly as I have.
What are you talking about? I'm always having to jump out and protect you.
Hmph! And who asked you to do that? You keep begging to protect me. I let you so you'd stop whining.
Ah, how cute? You two have one of those kind of relationships going...
What do you mean, "those kind of relationships?"
You know, you're a couple. Awww...
Psh! Don't be ridiculous! We're not like that!
Indeed! You mistook my expression. That one was, "Annoyed!"
Now, now. It's OK. You don't have to deny it.
There are all kinds of screwed up couples out there. I even know of an Overlord who married a human woman.
A marriage between a human and a demon, huh? I guess I can see that happening.
Fool! That's nothing to be impressed about!
Essentially, Adell and I are enemies! The only reason we're together is because we are bound by the summon ritual.
Uh! Why are you all looking at me? Let's go! Hmph!

Etna is of course referencing some of Hour of Darkness' backstory. As a quick summary, one of the characters in said game is the son of an Overlord and a human. Oh and Rozalin and Adell's team attack rate has gone up to something like 60-70%. Just saying.

Dead Breath- Intro

Huh? I don't remember seeing that Prinny before.
When they were talking about their big bro, I pictured a tough guy, but he's actually really cute, zam.

Brother!? So the Prinnies' big brother is also your big brother!?
Yes... I guess. He is my older brother, Fubuki.
Yukimaru. You're still with her...?
You understand, don't you? She is the daughter of Overlord Zenon...
Oh hoohoohoo...!!
Hey, what's wrong, Tink? You look really scared...
It, it, it's him!! He is ze one who trapped me in zis form!
Whattaya mean? Weren't you always a frog?
No! I was once a beautiful young man. I used to say I was as honest as an angel and as handsome as ze devil, eh!
So, you did this...
And you tried to kill me at the Colosseum...
Yes, that was me. I had planned to secretly help Yukimaru, but when I met you, I was honestly surprised.
I get how you and Yukimaru want to kill Zenon for your own revenge subplot, but why are you trying to kill her, too?

What's the problem...!?
I want to find Zenon too, but I would never even think of using such underhanded tactics!!
Why limit yourself? In order to accomplish one's mission, a ninja will use any hand.
Fubuki! Please stop! It is true, Miss Rozalin is Overlord Zenon's daughter, but she may also be one of us!
No more talk! To avenge my clan, I must take the life of the Overlord's daughter!

Map- Dead Breath

Make sure you take advantage of the leveling opportunities replaying the earlier maps give you, because this map is a real bear. You are fighting a large group of Samurai and Fubuki the Ninja Master. The edges of the map are covered in ATK+50% and Warp panels you can use to assist your attacks. The Samurai hit very hard but are also very fragile. Make sure you kill them in one turn because at low health they have a chance of killing their targets in one hit. Fubuki is the real threat though. He uses axes, so he's got very powerful attacks. He's got the same Setsugetsuka special Yukimaru has that hits adjacent tiles with heavy ice damage. Replacing her Nadarejin is Shunsetsuzan, a crushingly powerful ice attack that hits my Red Mage for a thousand points in the video. He also uses a unique weapon, the Niflheim. It's not exceptionally powerful, but it does look cool, so you can steal it if you like. Oh, and one last thing about Fubuki: His attacks do 20% of their HP damage to your SP as well. He's not got a huge amount of health, so pour the gas on him and take him out in one turn.

Drama- Dead Breath Outro

Yukimaru, move! Why must you interfere!?
It is true that Overlord Zenon is our clan's mortal enemy! But it is wrong to involve his daughter, simply because of hatred, zam!
Dong so will make you the same as Zenon! I don't want that from you, zam!
Do not speak to me of such weak concerns! As a ninja, your mission is your only priority!!
Die!! Daughter of Zenon!!

Just when things look bad for Rozalin, there's a flash of red!

Y, you are...!? Gruhhh!
Fu, Fubukiiiii!!!!

So Overlord Zenon has appeared again. This could be bad for Fubuki, and the rest of us, but we won't find out until next time, because that's how Episode 10 ends.

Episode 10- Ending

Next Time on Disgaea 2: Awakening