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Part 37: Castle Raid

Chapter 34- Castle Raid

Last time on Disgaea 2 Laharl showed up to crap all over us and Rozalin hulked out and smashed him. Now it's time to hunt Overlord Zenon down for real this time.

Drama- Episode 12 Intro

But back there, Rozy... didn't seem like Rozy.
Hmm... I wonder what that was, zam.
Maybe being exposed to danger awakened the blood of Overlord Zenon within her, zam.
But, zere were plenty of times before when her life was in danger and nuhzing happened.
Maybe it has something to do with when the Prince attacked the seal...
...Just stop it. There's no point in arguing over it.
She's back to herself. That's all that matters.

I thought he was still hurt. Where would he go?
Where else? To the fake Zenon.
You two traveled all over the world looking for him, right? If he wanted to go anywhere else, he woulda waited until he was better.
Hmmm. I think you're right, Sir Adell, zam. That is what Fubuki would do.
So, he's looking to avenge your clan for good this time? You gotta admire his spirit.
Is he... Is he planning to take all of them on by himself?
What are we waiting for! Let's go!
Uh, Rozalin. ...Are you sure you're ready to go?
Of course. After all, I am the daughter of Overlord Zenon.
Fubuki went by himself, right? So we better hurry if we want to catch up!

Drama- Path to Zenon

A memo!?
We saw it on the news yesterday. To get to Zenon's castle, use Gate, um, AX666.
...They put that on the news?
Yeah. It was on Axel's news show. ...It was pretty boring, though.
I guess he is useful sometimes... What a coincidental discovery.

This coming Episode is a lot like the previous, in that it's a huge number of maps and many of them have no story. We'll get started next time.

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