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Part 43: Extra Chapter- The Prinny Defender

Extra Chapter- The Prinny Defender

So, here's the next set of extra stages. Before I even get started, if you don't know who Kurtis is I strongly suggest you go to the LP Archive and find the part of Disgaea that he's in, because that'll make this much more satisfying. This requires a bit of setup in game terms, though, because it involves two new concepts:

Cellphones: Cellphones are new in combat consumables to Disgaea 2. We can use them to call for extra help in a jam. There's three kinds. One calls the Prism Rangers, one calls Axel, and one calls Kurtis, Defender of Earth. They show up at a pretty good level and are in general very helpful if you're really stuck. More importantly, we need to use the Defender of Earth phones to trigger some extra stages.

Dark Senator Adell: Adell can pass a bill in the Dark Assembly to become a Senator. Then, you are allowed to hear proposals. These proposals have affects like increasing the influence of certain parties, unlocking extra stages, or even ending the game if they pass. You might want to go to a proposal that ends the game, though, because you can take some bribery items then ensure it fails.

So, in order to unlock the first of these extra stages we need to use three Defender phones, pass a bill to save the Defender as a Senator, and finish the first stage. Then, we need to repeat this process to unlock the second. Let's get to it.

Oh and the text versions of these drama scenes really don't do the voice acting justice. You have to listen to at least one of these because they're hilarious.

Extra- Defend a Defender Intro

Ugh... damn that Earth Defense Force. I can't believe they made a copy of me with that backup data...
I am no copy! I am the all-new Defender of Earth. Designed to surpass the original in every way!
Hmph... Try saying that to my face!
I intend to. That is why I have come for you.
Hmm! Not bad...
I cannot believe I'm fighting my future self... from the past!
Those EDF masterminds are truly devious...
Do not misunderstand the situation. It is not by General Carter's will that I have come for you. It is by my own.
What?! That's impossible!

You guys... No, this is my battle.
As a Defender of Earth, I cannot place civilian lives in danger.
That's a strange policy, considering your situation. Isn't victory more important?
Haha... I used to feel that way, a long time ago.
I believed that winning, no matter the consequences, was the job of the Defender of Earth.
But I was wrong. My friend... the true Defender of Earth... showed me the way.
And so I was reborn. I might have a strange body, but my heart... I've gained the soul of a true Defender of Earth.
Your heart!? The soul of a Defender of Earth!?
Wh, what the hell? What's his malfunction?!
I am not sure... but watch yourself. He's different from my past self. He's a 100% perfect cyborg killing machine.
Oh, he's too much for a normal human, like you. You have to get out of here, while you still have a chance.
He's looking at us funny. I don't think he's gonna let us go. Anyway, it's not my style to back down from a fight.
Haha... you really like to jump feet-first into battle, huh? How strange.
Yoouuu! I demand you hand over this "Defender of Earth's soul!!"

Map- Defend a Defender

This map teams us up with Prinny Kurtis against a deadly robot Kurtis. Kurtis' double is a bit stronger than him, but not terribly high level. There's really nothing to this extra stage, it's very easy.

Extra- Defend a Defender Outro

Wh, wh, what do you mean?
Even if the odds are one in a million, if there's any hope of victory, a true Defender of Earth will never give up.
Facing the worst odds and calculations and predictions, and still standing tall-That is a true Defender of Earth.
That is the soul of a Defender of Earth?! But...I, I can't measure that data!
That's right-It's more than just data. It's something you feel arise from deep within yourself.
Kah-! The spirit... Don't think this is over!
Next time we meet, I shall pull your Defender of Earth heart from your chest!
Adell; Why'd he blow himself up?!
He sent our combat data back and destroyed himself to eliminate all evidence.
The next version will be fine-tuned to be several times more effective against us.
It looks like I am in your debt.
Whatever. We were just returning the favor.
...I see. In that case, we're even, yes?
You should do your best to avoid me from here on out. I can't guarantee your safety.
You say that now, but who shows up every time we pick up a cellphone?

That's not true. Why don't you come with us?
...Ha, don't be foolish. I can't join with a bunch of children. I must forge on alone.
I have a strict duty as the Defender of Earth. I cannot take time out to play with kids.
But thanks for the invitation.
Huh? He dropped something.
What a guy...
Yes. A spending example of humanity.

We get a free legendary Accelerator, the best 'shoes' available for clearing this every cycle, so it's always worth it to do this one.

Extra- Robots Attack Intro

Maybe we learned it from a certain meddlesome Defender of Earth...?
Ah! Point taken.
(Hm. Another who demonstrates the steel will of a true Defender of Earth. Ha, truly there is no limit to the abilities of such a warrior.)
Huh? Are you talking to yourself over there?
Oh, no. I was just thinking about how nosy people like you are everywhere these days.
Just like these annoying things.

Those fools... Making this many copies of me is more dangerous than they can imagine.
Huh, we are not copies! We are new and improved and more powerful than you could ever hope to be!
We are the ultimate Defenders of Earth! The task of protecting the Earth is now ours alone!
Soulless machines could never be true Defenders of Earth. Don't you understand? Cold calculations can't protect anyone!
Our calculations are simply incomplete! That is why we have come to take this "soul" you speak of. Then we shall be perfect!
Ugh! They're too powerful... Are you guys alright?
Ha yeah, but just barely. If this keeps up, we're doomed.
You are right... but I cannot give up.
All these cyborgs are just copies of myself. My past self, who made those awful mistakes.
So I can't leave them here. I must show them the way. Show them the spirit of a true Defender of Earth!

Gordon! Jennifer! Thursday! What are you doing here?!
Tsk tsk tsk. Don't ask such pointless questions. It is our duty to rush to aid our struggling allies.
Haha... The same Gordon I remember...
And you, Kurtis. I see you haven't broken that nasty habit of biting off more than you can chew!
Now, Kurtis! We must combine our powers! Pool our Earth Hero souls into one!
Geez, Gordon... a little overenthusiastic, don't you think?
Okay then, here we go!! Let's show these tin cans the true meaning of the Defender of Earth!
Ultimate Supreme Defender of Earth Formation!! Plasma Corps!

Gordon! Look out!!

Bee beep blip beep... we appear to be somewhat operational. However, further battle would be most impossible.
Alright then! You look after Jennifer!
Beep beep blip beep... Orders confirmed.
Mehehehaha, you sure had a flashy entrance. But you're still pretty shabby heroes overall.
As I predicted, your so-called soul is completely useless. All that matters is finding the most efficient path to victory.
I shall force all you Defenders of Earth into an early retirement.
The age of the Modern Defenders of Earth is upon us! I must eliminate all outdated models that rely on the unpredictable "spirit!"
Not a chance in hell! I'll show you how strong a true Defender of Earth really is!
C'mon, Gordon!
Alright Kurtis! Let's do this!!

Map- Robots Attack

This is a much more difficult map than the last. We are up against several increasingly powerful waves of artificial Kurtises. The strongest enemy Kurtis is similar in level but not raw power to Zenon. You need to go out hard and fast and destroy as many Kurtises as you can as quickly as you can. You have Prinny Kurtis and Gordon on your side for this map, who can help distract the enemy robots.

Extra- Robots Attack Outro

Shut up! We are not defective! We are the perfected form!
You must die! Final Arm!!
You fool! Final Arm!!

They said we had no spirit... that we couldn't find the heart of the Defender of Earth!
They created us, and then threw us away, calling us defective junk!
We are not cyborgs. We are fully mechanical.
We have no humanity. It was impossible from the start, wasn't it? To to to have a soul?
So that's what it was... You were victims of your own circumstance.
Hmph, you sound like a bunch of whimpering children.
Wh, what did you say!?
You think that your metal body is to blame for your heartlessness? Don't be so stupid!
Thursday is no more than gears and bolts, and he's a brave Defender of Earth!
Even I am more machine than man, but I can still strive to be a proper Defender of Earth!
Shut up shut up SHUT UP!!! I'll kill you all!
Hmph... do you hate me so much? Hatred is also part of the human spirit.

You see, it's not that you don't have hearts. No! It's that you haven't realized what it means to have a heart!
The Defender of Earth spirit comes from having the courage to stand up to evil!
That's right! And it's the desire to protect those you care about!
I, I, I, I am...! We, we, we... are...! We are, we are. Rrr, agh, blur, agh, rrr.

Not quite yet. They have certainly sent the battle data back to Earth.
We must go destroy the root of this evil to prevent it from growing further.
Well then, let's go! I haven't been back on Earth in forever. We could go grab a teriyaki pizza from Pizza Shack!
No, this is my responsibility.
Kurtis... It's our job, too. As Defenders of Earth.
Yeah, really. Don't be so gloomy, Kurtis.
Beep beep blip beep... Thursday will provide additional support.
Hah... I guess us Defender of Earths are just meddlesome by nature.
Shall we go then?
Yeah, let's move out! To protect the fragile balance of peace on Earth!
Fare thee well, young heroes! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for helping my comrade in his time of need.
Oh, no biggie. Ya do what ya gotta do.
Later, kids. Try to keep it down, okay?
Same to you... be careful.
Eh? He dropped something again.
I said it before, I'll say it again. What a guy.
Indeed. Truly a paragon of masculinity. Too bad he won't come with us.

We get a Defender of Earth ID card item from this. It's a nice piece of equipment. Kurtis won't join us in the regular world, but will in the bonus world, the Land of Carnage. Anyway, next time we'll have more bonus stuff. Not sure what yet.