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Part 45: Extra- Two Girls

Extra- Two Girls

Today I've got two more little treats for your viewing pleasure. These are pretty short but very cool.

Extra- Tragic Heroine Intro

Huh?! You're...
Hey, what's with your body? You're smaller than you should be.
This is perfect normal where I come from!
...My name is Asagi. I'm actually from another game too...
But this strange book put a curse on me, and now I'm trapped in this dumb world.
I have an amazing body usually, but I come up a little short in this game.
I see... Many people in our world are suffering from a curse, too.
Do you know any way to break this curse?
The book thing that cursed me told me I can't leave until I become stronger.
I see. Then, all you have to do is prove that you have indeed become stronger, yes?
Hm? Well... I guess that might work.
Then let us engage in fisticuffs. You can prove your strength thusly.

You talkin' about me? I don't see anyone else here, so you must be talkin' about me.
Stop being foolish. Of course it's you. Why not show her your huge fists?
Fine. But there's no holding back. With me, it's all or nothing. That's just my style.
Thank you! Be gentle!

Extra- Tragic Heroine Map

There's really nothing to this map. Asagi is pretty low level and accompanied by weak Mystic Beasts. Just don't rely on wind attacks.

Extra- Tragic Heroine Outro

Adell, you jerk. Can't you show a little compassion?
W, well, I mean... I can't help it.
There, there, Asagi. No need for tears. Your curse will surely be lifted someday.
This nasty boy, Adell, is fighting to break the curse in his own world.
As long as you keep fighting and never give up, I'm sure you will find your way back to your own world.
* Sniff* Y, you really think so?
Indeed. I speak the truth.
Alright... thank you.
One day I'll free myself from this curse and return to my own game!
I'm sure it'll happen, someday!
Good luck, Asagi. Don't let this curse get the best of you.
Thanks, you nasty boy. I'll do my best.
Take this as a token of my appreciation. I'll stay here and pray that your own curse is someday lifted...
For some reason, I feel really guilty for beating her. But it's not my fault, right?

We get a Postcard for this the first time. It's a nice piece of equipment for the most part. Sadly we don't get Asagi playable in this game.

Extra- Fallen Maiden Intro

I'm not really sure what's going on... But I assume she wants to fight.
Perfect! Let's see what this Overlord's got!
What's wrong with you that you're so excited to face certain doom? You are a battle maniac.

Extra- Fallen Maiden Map

This map is close in difficulty to Laharl's map. We face Priere, a Nemophilia, a Succubus, and a Nekomata. Priere takes half damage from elemental attacks and her Dragon's Rage and Requiem Aeternam attacks can do some serious damage. I actually got a game over the first time around due to some bad luck. The Nemophilia can do some serious damage and is by far the second biggest threat on the map. This is another raw power versus power map with no real advanced strategy.

Extra- Fallen Maiden Outro


Wh, what's wrong?
She's gone. What the hell was that about?
I haven't a clue. Maybe she feared my distinguished nobility?
Yeah, sure. At least you know how to talk big, just like an Overlord.
(What was that just now?)
(That cold stare... she seemed to gaze right through me.)
What's this? She left something behind.

Sadly again we don't get Overlord Priere playable. We get a Felicitation the first time we clear this. It's a strong +ATK item that's pretty competitive with the best belts. Of course Priere got scared off by the presence of Overlord Zenon. Is that all of the extra stuff? Not quite. There's one last one to do, the grand finale. I think you'll agree it's the best of Disgaea 2's endings.