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Part 7: Broken Halls and Dirty Frogs

Chapter 6: Broken Halls and Dirty Frogs

Last time on Disgaea 2 we started towards our next destination. Today we will meet some new friends.

Drama and Map- Banquet Room

Oh, yes. Yes I was. This is my father's palace.
Really? Because it kinda seemed like you were just guiding us randomly for awhile...
And I expected more from Overlord Zenon's Palace than this... crumbling building...
What? Are you doubting me already? So, you were just lying before when you said you were going to trust me?
No, that's not it. I don't lie. When I told you I trust you, I meant it. I'll trust you 'til the end of our union.
Is that so? Trust... it is such a beautiful word.
(Hmhmhm... You pathetic fool. I'll show you what happens when you trust demons and enemies...)

This is an easy map, as with the last episode's maps. Four level 5 marionettes and two level 5 ghosts form the opposition. There's four green panels with DEF+50% in the middle that you can take advantage of in your defense.

Meanwhile in Holt Village...

Overlord Zenon stole our conscience... I have nothing else to say.
Besides, these isn't much we can say that will hurt his feelings.
Honey... Do you remember anything about... before?
Not at all. I can't remember a thing.
Stealing our memories along with our conscience, Zenon's curse sure is cunning...
You're right... I can't remember the past at all.

So, the people of Holt can't remember anything before Zenon's curse anymore. This is important and will come up again later.

Drama and Map- Sanction Room

Why, it is I, your beloved Tink!! As honest as an angel, as handsome as ze devil eh, your very own lovable Tink!!
Tink? My childhood friend Tink? You cannot fool me. Tink is not some dirty looking frog like you.
Ah, but zey have changed me! Zey have sieged zis place! It was so... how do you say... scary!
It was sudden! Our best soldiers went down after one hit. And, with only one arm!
Does he ever shut up? So, is he your childhood friend or not?
What is zis? How can zis be!? How dare you speak to ze princess in such a familiar manner! You are a man of great insult!
For only I am allowed to speak with ze princess on friendly terms, eh! Do not steal my privilege!!
Hmm. That accent and jealous temper... It seems you are Tink. ...The bad one, at least.
Which can only mean... look around. This is my father's palace.
Do you see? My father and I are bound by strong family ties.
OK, I believe you. Now, can you explain everything to him? It'd be a shame if I had to hurt him...
I suppose you are right. Tink, listen to me. Well, let's simply say "stuff happened..."
Oh ho ho! Zat is good to hear- Wait a minute! What kind of stuff are you talking about!? Nuhzing perverse I hope!
Ah, is he feeling alright?
I suppose. This is normal for him. The only way to silence him...
Hey, you! Stop being so friendly with ze princess!!

It's Tink! In this map we fight only Red Tink, but he's got some Geo Effects on his side. Let's take a look.

Tink's very fast, and moves very far. With the Enemy Boost in effect we don't expect to hit him except from behind due to his high speed. Killing the two symbols is pretty much the number one priority. Once they're down it's just a matter of ganging up on Tink and stuffing his froggy face into the ground. If your party isn't all around level 5 this can get rough, again because it can be hard to hit Tink, so you might want to go back to the Dead Tree Forest and replay it a couple of times for the EXP.

What did you do?
Tink here has two personalities. I have to cast that spell to seal his bad personality or else it will run wild.
O...K... Great, he's just what we need... Another pain in the ass.
Don't call him that. Though he may be quite bothersome, he is still my best friend.
What!? Are you serious? Your best friend...!
Everything will be fine. Just cast the spell whenever his bad personality shows up.
System Message: Rozalin has forced Tink into your group.
Bonjour. My name is Tink. It is a pleasure to meet you.
Great... Just what we need, another freak.
(Hmhmhmhm... Now it is 2 against 1. Your death is even closer now...)

Tink comes in two flavors, Red and Blue. Red Tink is slower but hits harder. Blue Tink is very fast. We can swap them in combat a la Éclair in La Pucelle with a spell Tink has.

Next time on Disgaea 2: What, again!?