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Part 12: This Is No Surprise

Last time on Disgaea 3 we defeated the Saucy Maos and got exactly no steps closer to removing the fake hero title from Mao's heart. Today we start Episode 3.

Drama- Episode 3 Intro

To… defeat the Overlord?
Right. That's why I wanted to be a hero, but your fake title set me off track. Loitering's great, but this is serious.
What are you trying to say?
In other words… I'm tired of this.
My heart won't open, no matter what. This extreme delinquent act is impossible for me to pull off!
(Wow, no perseverance… All he did was eat an egg, too. Some demon…)
(Maybe it is impossible for a demon to open up his heart. * sigh* How discouraging…)

Enter Kyoko Needleworker and Asuka Cranekick.

How… are you feeling… today?
Hmph. Beryl's servants, ha? What do you want?
Wait a minute! You've been wounded all over! What happened!?
Our lady… While she was picking up trash on her way to school, she was taken into custody…
We believe she was taken by… The infamous PTA!
The PTA!?
Yes, the PTA… Perfectly Trained Assassins!
They are a group of assassins that work for the School Board.
Perfectly… Trained… Assassins?
Once they spy a delinquent, it's all over. They'll be taken and disciplined through physical abuse… Ahh!
Are you okay!?
I feel faint from simply imagining what it must be like… I'm worried about our lady!
So? Why did you come to me? Do you think I ratted her our to the School Board or something?
No, that never crossed my mind. Our lady always said…

Please, rescue our lady! If you truly are enemies, and friends… And ultimately rivals…
…Me? Rescue Beryl!? Is your mind stuck in neutral?
"Demons must always slap aside the hands of those begging for help!"
It is an honor student's duty to leave the wounded in the street and ignore their cries! Isn't that right, Slave!?
No… it's not! You'll never be able to get a true hero's powers like that!
"Heroes must offer a helping hand to anyone in need!"
Love and justice is what powers a hero! If you don't understand that, you'll never be able to defeat the Overlord!
Lecturing… me? I've never even been lectured by my own dad!
Eheh… Please excuse my insolence. …But, isn't she your friend?
I have no friends. They are unnecessary.

"Demons must relish solitude."
Did you just make demon versions of the "8 Oaths of the Super Hero"?
…I know of no Super Hero. These are the "Oaths of a Demon" that I came up with myself.
I am the heir to this Netherworld. I have no need for friendship. I only need loyal slaves!
My dear Young Master, you've grown up so admirably. Such ideal heartlessness brings pleasure to an old servant.
Oh yes, Young Master, there is no time to waste with delinquents now.
Today, the No. 1 Honor Student at Evil Academy will be selected. It is the day for you to become Freshman Class Leader.
Class Leader? …It's that time already?
Yes, for it is today that the Student Elections will be held.
In a few hours, the Nether Institute Evil Academy will hold the greatest contest of the year.

The battles take place in specific buildings on campus and involves clashes of fists, swords, and magic that are so fierce, students are often missing afterwards.
Whoever wins the battle at the end will be given the title of Class Leader, and will be recognized as the strongest demon of their grade level.
Statistics show that only those who were Class Leaders have reached the status of Demon Lord. Therefore, it is a title that all aspiring demons cannot ignore.

So, you really are going through with the Student Elections…
After all, he's only an honor student. It was foolish of us to believe we could depend on him to begin with.
But Kyoko, our lady had faith in him. I don't believe that he is completely heartless…
…I made the mistake of hoping to witness a friendship between rivals. Let's go, Asuka.
Completely heartless? A mistake of hoping? They gave me the highest praise.
Well, it's time for us to go and beat down the other freshman candidates.
Oh come on, please! You gotta help them out!
Why do you care about a stupid title? You don't even go to school that much!
Oh hoh… I'm sorry, I must have missed the memo that allows my servants to express their opinions.
Oh, no, um…
And if I'm not mistaken, don't you are about titles too, Fake Hero?
Er, well…
Servants should keep quiet and follow their master's orders. Just do what I say.

Next Time on Disgaea 3: We Couldn't Possibly Leave Her… Could We?