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Part 13: Electoral Combat

Last time on Disgaea 3 we found out that Raspberyl's been kidnapped by the School Board. Today, we don't give a damn!

Drama- Blazing Firestorm Intro

Hmph! You guys again.
Hahahaha! The title of Freshman Class Leader's going to the Vato Bros.!
We already know your weakness! Hope you're ready, homes!
Shut up! I have no weakness!
Heh… Then you wouldn't mind if I reveal it?
What is it…?
It is… That you have no friends, weddo!
…So, what about it? Do you think there's anyone equal to the future ruler? You fools!
Eh, but like, don't you want to have at least one or two friends?
No! Wimps are only good for one thing, being my servants!
But what about parents and siblings? Don't you believe in your family, at least?

This guy's the real deal, homes! I've never seen an honor student like this!
Now you realize this? Idiots! I'm on a whole other level!
(…Wow. I feel kinda bad for the guy.)
(This kid grew up alone, with no one to rely on…)
Half-hearted demons like you will be punished when I'm Class Leader!
First, I'll scribble on your forehead with a permanent marker! Muhahahaha!
Ahhhhh! That's just mean! Ayudeme, muchachos!
(Argh, what is he doing…? While we're wasting time here, Miss Beryl might already be in danger.)
(I wonder if she's okay…)

Map- Blazing Firestorm

This map gives us an opportunity to use Geo Effects to our favor against the enemy. There's large stretches of Yellow tiles and three Damage 20% Blocks lying around. We can easily stack Damage 40% and grind the zombies down long before they touch us, then throw the last Block on and get a big chain to raise the bonus meter. The opposition, by the way, are zombies, beast masters, and a Vato Brother. This isn't a hard map, and it's a good place to level because you can get large bonuses.

Map- Student Chaos

In this map, we have to advance into the face of some Enemy Boosted gunslingers. Luckily, the symbol providing their boost is easily accessible. Once we've destroyed it, it's a simple matter of killing the gunslingers and throwing ourselves over to the other side to finish off the Vato Brother there.

Map- Thrill

This map puts us up against a somewhat nasty Geo Puzzle. Two sets of skulls/mages are on either side of us with a new Geo Effect, HP/SP Switch. This lets them take damage out of their large SP pools and cast out of their SP pools, which is annoying to deal with. An island on either side holds both the Block that provides the HP/SP switch and another Block we can use to either Silence them or clear the panels entirely. On the first turn we need to throw someone over to each and deal with the Blocks. Once the Geo Effects are dealt with the map is relatively smooth sailing. The Vato Brother is in range to be killed on the first turn with no trouble.

Drama- Thrill Outro

Grh! Don't go thinking that you've already won! We've got a lot more friends to go, ese!
We've prepared some awesome friends for today's Student Election campaign.
…You ready? You're ready, right? Show yourselves! Today's surprise guests!

Enter Kyoko and Asuka.

You guys… So you haven't given up yet?
Please listen, Mao! Our lady was taken by the PTA, which means she'll most likely return as an honor student.
…You should be happy for her. What's the problem?
That's not our real lady! We follow her because she will be the greatest delinquent who has ever lived!
Do you plan to sit idly by as your rival is kidnapped and brainwashed!?
And without a rival, won't you be disqualified from being the main character!?
Hmmm, so Beryl is about to be brainwashed?
See! You do care!
Dummy! I don't care about what happens to her! I just think the word "brainwash" is very romantic!
I see. Well that is a whole other problem, but we can deal with that later.

You can't let others cheat for you against your will! Besides, she'll just be a puppet of the School Board!
(Is he just being stubborn?)
(But, demons aren't usually honest. Maybe…)
Hey Lord Mao, you don't like the way the School Board does things, right?
Of course not. I hate everything and anything that goes against my policies.
They why don't you just… crush them?
Ha? …Crush?
Yeah. The Student Elections were set up by the School Board, right?
If you break the rules and destroy the School Board, the entire school will know how evil you really are.
And, if by any chance, someone is saved during the process, no one can blame you for doing something good.
(Did he fall for it?)

You're pretty bad, Fake Hero. Or was it, Almaz? Your demon skills are improving.
Oh… Haha, yay for me…
Hold on! A demon must be cruel, merciless, and alone! To help others? How atrocious!
A demon must never offer a helping hand! Giving help is for the naïve and dull! I cannot abide a true demon to do so!
Huh!? Mr. Geoffrey?
…Ahem. Excuse me. I got a little excited there.
Young Master, becoming the Freshman Class Leader is an important milestone. You mustn't lose focus now.
Hmph. Honor students love loitering. No matter what you say, I've decided. I will go crush the School Board now!
But Young Master…
All you have to do is prepare me path. I do evil deeds to my heart's content… There is no need to speak further.

I will accept no responsibility for whatever comes of this…
…You Trio de Loser guys are still here?
We're the Vato Bros., ese.
As you may have heard, I'm ditching the competition. You guys can deal with the rest.
Are you seriously giving up on becoming the Freshman Class Leader?
Do you really think crushing the School Board's gonna be easy, weddo?
Yeah, you're just gonna end up getting yourself brainwashed too, ese!
…I've realized that the path of a demon leads to rebellion. As my own demon, I must walk down my own road.
Ugh… You're just so freaking cool, ese. Cooler than anyone we know!
Hmph, so where is this School Board?

Ahh, thank you God. I have finally seen the friendship of rivals with my own eyes.
This isn't friendship!
There, there. Now let's hurry up and destroy the School Board!

So now we've got to head to the Depar… bzzt…

…tment of Education okay what was that? I don't know who these guys are but they must have some serious juice to hack an LP. Anyway, there's a small issue to deal with before we can go to the Department of Education.

The Legendary Item World!

I'm sorry…
Get over it, Geoffrey. I've already decided I'm going. Hurry and connect me to the Department of Education.
…Understood. I had expected this and tried to connect dimensions to the DOE, but there is a security lock.
Yes. It is a system that requires you to have an item that is level 10 or more to open the connection to the DOE.
It doesn't matter which item. Just dive to the 10th level of the Item World to make it level 10.
That's a really game-ish system…
Maybe you're just trying to interfere with us.
No no, not in the least bit.
Someone who wishes for your growth must have given you a gift of ordeals.

The Item World is a returning feature from previous installments of Disgaea. You dive into the random dungeon of an item, and each floor you pass through increases that item's level and power. A boss awaits every ten floors, and killing it will further increase the item's power. The Item World can allow us to create seriously powerful weapons and is the key to getting the best items in the game. We won't be using it too much in the main game but in the postgame we'll hit it hard. After we finish ten floors we sometimes to go Innocent Town. Here we can heal, go to the Item Homeroom, and meet strange people. People like this.

The Item Homeroom allows us to pass bills that strengthen items. It's sort of a waste of mana at this point in the game, though. When we go there you also see a little something I haven't talked about yet, the Homeroom Teacher. Every so often a new teacher arrives. The Homeroom Teacher gives bonus stats on level up to characters in the front row in class. What stats increase depends on the Teacher.

Anyway we've got a level 10 item now, so let's rock on out.

Now the gate to the Department of Education will open. I won't stop you. Please go wreak all the havoc you wish.

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Showdown at the DOE