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Part 14: Rival Hearts

Last time on Disgaea 3 we gave up on the Elections and set out to destroy the School Board. Today, we get started on that noble endeavor. We've got several maps with no story here in a row.

Map- Threatful Abuse

This map starts by forcing you to clear all the green Geo Blocks to create a stair. This will greatly weaken the enemies on the stair. Once you've passed it there's a large area of EXP + Blocks. The opposition isn't terribly impressive, though. However, this map tends to be poor for leveling in general because it takes a bit too long to clear. I just ground the first map in Episode 3 for my leveling needs.

Map- Nightmare Days

Nightmare Days has the potential to be a very difficult map if you've not leveled ranged characters. There's five Geo Masters separated from each other by bridges of Geo Blocks and three Mothmen that will start to travel towards the Base Panel as the turns progress. All of the Geo Blocks are terribly unfavorable to the player, and you never want to fight the Mothmen on the later sets of Blocks. Ideally you should take the Geo Masters out with guns, bows, or specials from Mao or Almaz. Then either wait by the earlier sets of blocks or clear one set of blocks and take out the Mothmen. Never ever fight them on the last bridge, which has Enemy Turbo and will turn them into killing machines.

Map- Forceful Education

This map looks more difficult than it is. We're on top of a large tower of Geo Blocks surrounded by Cockatrices, monsters that silence every adjacent character. Each color provides its own benefit, and there's two of each in the stack. One Block of each color is isolated from the rest of its color by a crate, which allows us to lift and throw it into the other Blocks of its type and clear them. You really only need to clear the top Blue Blocks to clear the map, although clearing the Yellows makes it a bit easier.

Drama- Board Conspiracy

Why, I didn't think you would really help us. This must be a miracle from God…
Hey, I'm the one doing this, not God. And thank me with something physical.
Oh, and by the way, don't get me wrong. My objective is the School Board. Beryl is your problem.
Yes, of course. We understand.
…Hmph. I'm going ahead.
Haha, there he goes. He's so stubborn…
Dear Fake Hero, sir… Thank you very much.
Huh? Oh, sure.
I am indebted to you for convincing Mao. Please, let me thank you… Won't you accept this noose-knitted scarf?
Oh my, that's not fair. Then please, take these folded curse cranes…

Ooh, ooh, did you see that, Asuka? That is being humble. It's my first time seeing it in real life. Wow…
Hahaha. I don't know if I'm supposed to take that as a compliment, or not so subtle sarcasm…

My lady! Are you alright!?
My lady!?
Wait, something's not right.
Hey, you guys… Wanna pull some pranks with me?
Let's go racing down the hallways. Or we can eat lunch during class and not even pay for it.
My Lady…? But you're acting like…
An honor student! Our completely delinquent lady…
The School Board's brainwashed her… This is just terrible! Don't you think so, Lord Mao!?
* huff* * huff*
…Lord Mao?
* huff* * huff* Oh, sorry. It's just such a thorough job, I got a little excited.
You really should get some help… In more ways than one.
Nonsense. I'm perfectly fine.

What!? You're not fine at all! What are you doing!?
No! My Lady!?
Ahh… I'm going to faint…
Mao! What was that for!?
Don't worry. That was just a fake.
Take a look around… carefully!

What!? That's a lot of Miss Beryls…
These are… All imposters?
But they look exactly like her! What proof do you have that the one you killed wasn't our real lady!?
There is no proof! It's all by instinct!
Whaaat!? You don't know for sure!? How can you be so proud!?
By analyzing them with my evil wisdom, I instinctively knew they weren't Beryl. What other reason do you need?
That's so… irresponsible!
Your common sense doesn't work on me. I wasn't forced into being her rival for so many years for nothing!
And I feel this with my heart! The real one isn't here!
…I don't understand what criteria you're basing this on, but either way, you sure seem confident…

(Could this actually be a huge step in his progression?)
But still… I cannot do this! Even if they are imposters, I can't fight my lady!
Then just sit there, twiddling your thumbs, and watch.
I don't expect any one of you to believe me anyway.
…No! I believe you!
Hmph, you are my servant. You don't believe, you just obey.

Map- Board Conspiracy

This map puts us up against a lot of fake Miss Raspberyls and a set of simply brutal Geo Effects. Doublejump suggests you lure them off their panels and attack, but that's for sissies. You can clear the whole map with a good Geo Chain, as you see in the video. This will leave the Raspberyls easily defeated. They're worth lots of EXP, but sadly you can't come back to this map afterwards.

Drama- Board Conspiracy Outro

How did you know? Even we couldn't tell them apart…
I know how, Kyoko. It is because our lady and Mao are mutually acknowledged rivals.
Oh my! That must be it. They say rivals acknowledge and rely on each other, in their hearts.
That's just stupid. You can rant on your own time.
…I think my view of Mao has changed… Slightly.
Hehe, I think he has the potential to become a great delinquent. He's just embarrassed, and trying to hide it.
Hmm, I guess it's true that Mao's heart is both complicated and perverse.

…Huh? Who's there?
…Maybe I'm just hearing things.

Next Time on Disgaea 3: The Department of Education!