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Part 15: School Board Showdown

Last time on Disgaea 3 we fought some false Raspberyls. Today, we save the real one.

Scene- The Department of Education

Drama- Assault! PTA Intro

My Lady! Are you alright!?
…Girls!? Why are you here?
Looking good there, Beryl. Are you completely brainwashed yet?
Mao!? Tsk! Why'd you bring him!?
I'm sorry, my lady. We lacked the strength with just the two of us…

Suddenly, the School Board President appeared!

Hmph… If you're gonna be the villain, you should at least get better lines. You need to review the basics of evil.
What!? Who do you think you're talking to!? I am the President of the prestigious School Board!
If you can't set a better example of demon villainy, then you are useless! What a complete waste of space!
Might as well let me be the President of the School Board. I'll discipline the Netherworld and saturate it in evil!
You don't understand the demon's heart! You tried to change them through brainwashing and re-education programs!
Sure, you can turn a hand into a drill, and shoot missiles out of their knees, but it can never truly change the heart!
You, who knows nothing of this, have no right to be the President of the School Board!
(Is it just me or is he angrier than he should be…?)
(Maybe he really was worried about Miss Beryl after all?)

A voice rang out of nowhere!

Who else is there!?
The aroma of grilled fish… Such a fragrant, yet rustic scent. Could it be!?

I knew it! Mr. Champloo!

You are now free of your bonds. You shall escape like smooth jelly noodles that slip down your throat, boom.
Thanks, Teach. You saved me!
You there! I have so many comments to make, I don't even know where to begin! Who in the world are you!?
You can call me Champloo, Master of the Kitchen Fist Fire Chaos Style, also known as the Home Ec. Teacher!
I heard rumors of students being brainwashed against their will, and so here I am!
Champloo? I've never heard of a teacher by that name! You're not on the faculty roster!
Heh, I don't care about the School Board. I am an unlicensed teacher!
What did you say!? I can't allow you to leave without health insurance! I don't care whether you have a proper license!
So it's okay for him to teach… As long as he receives the proper benefits?
I'm not signing up for an HMO! Hya! Have you ever tasted the difference between a show hen and a wild chicken!?
I don't care about the taste of chicken! Delinquents screw up the school system! We must get rid of them!

In my coffee? That would ruin it! It wouldn't be any good!
But you are doing just that! Your coffee is terribly nasty!
Urgh! But… What should I do!?
If you are truly an educator, you would drink the entire cup salty!
I don't know… that's gross, too.
I'm not sure who to believe anymore…
You're trying to analyze with your brain! Accept it with your heart, and feel the emotions! Boom!
Grr! That's it! I've had enough of your unlicensed teaching methods!
Members of the PTA! It's your turn! Counsel the delinquent and punish the unlicensed and uninsured teacher!

These guys are tough! We have to help each other out in this fight!
Who the hell wants to fight an embarrassing battle like that!?
Hyahyahya! Never fear, students! Relax, like a giant bowl of pudding!
Have yourself a spoonful of the true power of my Kitchen Fist Fire Chaos Style!

Map- Assault! PTA

This is by far the hardest map we've faced yet. We're up against 8 Perfectly Trained Assassins and the School Board President, who will get a Magichange bow from a Mothman right at the start that will let her evade close attacks. The PTA are more powerful than normal Rangers, and the President is an Archer. The approach to the President is flanked by PTA on high stacks of desks that make them hard to reach, and their Attack Punisher special can be devastatingly powerful, especially if you let them hit you with a dual special. We're assisted by Mr. Champloo, Beryl, and her lackies but they're mostly just helpful as extra targets for the PTA. This is really just a matter of being tough enough that you can kill any PTA that are within range of your party at any given time, they're pretty fragile.

As an extra special note on this map, when we revisit the mothman and desks are gone and the Board President is replaced by a normal archer, however the PTA remain. Why does this matter? Because the PTA are worth about twice the EXP of a regular enemy of their level, which makes this a great spot for level grinding.

Drama- Assault! PTA Outro

But I haven't given up. One day, I will get rid of every last delinquent and put every student on the honor roll.
Hmph… She was trying to bring order to this Netherworld in her own way, I guess.
But she was pretty nasty about it…
Mao… I didn't think you'd come to my rescue. Should I thank you?
I would rather you didn't. I just returned the favor for the egg. It's dangerous owing a debt to you.
…Oops! I didn't mean to say that! In no way did I come to rescue you. I came here to crush the School Boar-
Ah, is that so? Then let's call it even. Haha.
Wait, don't jump to any conclusions! I said I didn't come to rescue you!
Hehehe… Alright, Mao. I'll leave it at that.
One day, I'll do volunteer work for you that you'll never want to repay. Lates.
Kyoko, Asuka, let's go.
Yes, my Lady.
Everyone, have a nice day.

You're right. They're outlaws who decided of their own free will to follow the path of delinquency.
I see. If that's the case, fine. But…
By the way, why are you here, Mr. Champloo?
…Are you serious? I just explained it like 2 minutes ago. Plus, some distorted light is starting to envelop the school.
A distorted light?
Boom! You'll see soon enough. Desire the path of taste! A delicious heart is a true spice! Remember that!
Hyahyahya! Ahyahyahyahyahya! Goodbye.
Did you understand any of that?
Not one bit.

Back on campus…

It ended alright, ese.
So, who's the Freshman Class Leader?
The leader is Mao. That'd be you, homes.
Congratulations, Mao.
I knew you'd be able to do it.
Hehe. Good for you, Mao. That's what makes you my rival.
Don't tell me they rigged it by having everyone volunteer to lose to me, making me the leader…
Hmph! I love to rob and steal, but I can't stand being given things! Wait, Beryl!
Hold up. When you make an assumption, you make an ass out of u and mption, weddo.
Who the hell is Mption?

And actually, there's quite a few demons who've been saved by Berylcita.
To be honest, she's saved me 3 times already…
We were too scared of being labeled delinquents, but we all wanted to save her, too. All of us did, homes.
She had this many secret fans, huh? …Meh.
She's a little weird, but she is a good girl.
And while we were all procrastinating, you went ahead and saved Ber-
I didn't save her! It was just coincidence!
…Anyway, your courage and lack of fear of being called a delinquent touched our hearts, weddo.
The Vato Bros., as well as the rest of Evil Academy's freshman class, recognize you as our Class Leader.
You're the only demon that deserves it, ese.
You guys…
Can we call you Boss?
…Hmph, do as you wish.

Wow… It's like the entire school is shaking.
All: Boss! Boss! Boss! Boss! Boss! Boss! Boss! Boss! Boss!
*sniff * I'm so glad for you…
Why are you crying all of a sudden?
B, because… I'm so happy…
You had no friends, but now you have all friends in the Netherworld… I'm really glad. *sniff *
They're not my friends! I keep telling you, demons relish solitude!
Uh, fine then, servants. Everyone has accepted you, Lord Mao. They're calling you Boss.
…Hm. Well, it could be worse.
Heh heh heh… I crushed the School Board as intended, and became the Class Leader.
Thus killing 2 birds with 1 stone! There was no mistake with my evil calculations! Just as I planned! Hahaha!

The future ruler of the Netherworld should not be content with a crowd…
Solitude is the source of a demon's power. After all those lectures about servants being mere tools…
I can't leave it like this. This is indeed… not good.

(…I'm starting to think that it's not impossible for a demon to open up his heart!)
(He's never honest, and wouldn't admit to anything, but I don't think it's an unreasonable goal now.)
(I'll be the one to make him open his heart!)

And now for a preview of coming attractions.

Drama- Episode 3 Ending

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Mao does the unthinkable.