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Part 16: Unforgivable Sin

Last time on Disgaea 3 we rescued Raspberyl. Today we set out to do the worst thing imaginable.

Drama- Episode 4 Intro

Yes, sir… …Hwahh!? Hey, wait a minute! What do you think you're touching!?
Just stay still! …Hmm, no sign of tail growth yet. Skin color… still human.
Urrr… Princess… I think I've been violated.
Title, 'Soft-boiled Demon." That's about half way to completion, but no noticeable differences… boring.
How do you feel? Feverish, nauseous? Any urge to scream random noises or wanting to transform into anything?
Not at all! Urr, stop it with these weird experiments and listen to me.
Can we please open your heart? Try believing in someone, just a bit! If you care for them, then maybe…
Hey, remember how you promised to give me my title back?
Promise? I can't say I remember that.
Come on…

…But, if you offer me some information about "love", the source of a hero's power, I may think about it.
Love? Why do you keep asking me about that? It's pretty creepy…
According to my research, about 70% of a hero's power comes from absorbing this strange energy called "love."
That nonreciprocating thing you have going for that princess girl is also a part of this love thing, is it not?
Nonreciprocating…? *sigh * I guess that's true.
Then tell me the secret about this love thing! The mechanism behind it!
How can I explain the mechanism? …Oh, when I'm thinking about the Princess, I'm sure my heart's open.
Hmm. Your heart?
Yup. When I think about her, my heart feels relaxed, and my chest feels warm, and I get this really happy feeling…
So, love and the heart are connected. Love must be the catalyst that opens the heart and draws out potential power.
Well, in my case, it's more like a crush than love. …But it's still sort of the same.
You can tell I'm a weakling, right? But whenever I think about the Princess, I feel a surge of courage.

…A crush?
Oh, sorry… Is that the wrong idea?
That's it! That must be the power I've been looking for!
Such a power that makes even a loser like you, who is quite pathetic, come to defeat the Overlord without any fear!
The moment I obtain this "crush" power, Dad'll be no match for me! It's the amazingly wonderful crush!
Heh, I'm glad you're happy.
Eheh, I want to see it now! What is a crush? How is it different from love!? Acidic or basic? What's its formula!?
The crush's ability makes you madly passionate about this Princess, who doesn't even know your name, right!?
Which means, a crush can be used to control and subjugate others! It must be a type of super hypnosis!
…You've got some of that right, but no, not really.
Bahh, your explanations just aren't good enough! I must figure out the secret of a hero's power!
Muhahaha! It's been a while since my honor student blood has felt this boiled!
(…This can't end well.)
(Oh well. As long as Mao's heart opens as an end result, that's all I need.)

Drama- Unforgivable Sin

Hmm, what is it, Geoffrey?
I thought this might happen, so I've searched for a class that may pertain to this "crush".
When did you…? What kind of class is it?
It's a class on how to charm and captivate people.
That sounds suspicious. Crushes are more like… Glittery and heart racing.
Don't explain. I already know what it is.
It's a trick that many great demons use. I've read about it time after time in the comics. So a "crush" is…
When you show off glittery treasure and capture your opponent, and then scare them till their hearts race!
When then produces a sense of desire! That is the energy of an evil crush! How is that for keen intellect?
…Uhm. I think "charm and captivate people" is actually closer.
Wait, I'm wrong? That's impossible. It's an answer produced by my 1.8 million EQ.

Are you sure you didn't plan this whole thing out?
Geoffrey, are you telling me to go to class?
Yes, Young Master.
What are you conspiring to do? You're usually the one who dissuades me from doing anything remotely academic.
Hmhmhm. I,I would never conspire. Now that you are No. 1 by sklll and position, that false hero title is only a burden.
And I can't risk allowing anything to change your heart for any reason.
Such a useless, dirty, garbage title should be removed as soon as possible.
That's harsh… *sniff *
Hmm, I completely agree with you. I cant' stand keeping this fake hero title much longer.
Let's go, Fake Hero! We must solve the mechanism to "crush", and use it to open my heart and withdraw your title!
Yes, sir!

I bet you just though, "I wonder if I can do it, too?"
Huh!? N, no, I would never!
There's no use denying it. I know you want to captivate your Princess and do naughty stuff… like marrying her.
M, m, marry!? I wouldn't dare!
Heh heh heh, are you sure? Your one-way wish could finally come true, you know? You could do anything to your Princess.
You can go shopping in matching outfits, drink with 2 straws from the same cup, or even get her to make you a sandwich.
Heh heh, we all want that sandwich. Fine then, you can learn as much as you'd like.
No! I wasn't thinking about-
Then, do you want to stay here?
I'll follow you for life, sir.
Heh heh heh… That's right. Demons should never hold back. Always do whatever you want to.
(This isn't because I want to do stuff to the Princess, no, no, no.)

Geoffrey, let's get moving.
Yes, Young Master. But please be careful along the way.
It seems the teachers have set up many traps to prevent students from attending class.
A teacher shouldn't be doing that…
That's the difference between a normal teacher and a demon one.
However, this is interesting! It's a demon's nature to want to go where they're told not to!
I'll show them I can take a class! Muhahahahaha!

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