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Part 17: It Takes Class

Last time on Disgaea 3 we set out to go to class. Today we encounter a small obstacle.

Drama- Freezing Soul Intro

(He's stubborn compared to other demons, his guard is always up, he completely rejects interaction with others…)
(It's as if his heart's been hurt.)
(A trauma, hmm? The only thing I can think of is his devastatingly bad relationship he had with his father…)
(…Could a demon be hurt so badly that they'd be traumatized? Probably not…)
Huh? What are you staring at? Planning to draw graffiti on my face?
Yes. …I mean no! By the way, are we really headed to the classroom? It seems…
Get used to it already. This is the Netherworld. …Hm? People are already there?

Enter the Vato Brothers.

What's going on, guys? Coming up with an evil plot? I'm impressed.
Boss, we happened to hear this bad rumor going around, weddo…
Rumors are flying everywhere about how you're gonna attend class, homes.
It's not true, is it, Boss? Please tell us it's a lie!
It's true. I will attend class.
You serious!?
Do you know what that means, homes?
If the Freshman Class Leader does something like going to class, he's gonna bring shame to everyone else, ese.
Please don't do this, for all of us freshman's sake!
Shut up! You'll never understand my great plan, anyway! Clear the way!
We can't do that! It's our job as servants to stop our Boss from making a mistake!
If you really gotta go, then yer gonna hafta go through us, weddo!
You guys…

Yup, yup. I believed in you, Boss. I knew you would understand us. Right, boss?
Hm? What are you talking about? You said I could go through you, right?
Wa, wait a minute, Boss! Yer s'posed to say something like, "Ah, I was wrong, homes," and give up!
As demons, we should never do what we're supposed to. Betraying what is expected of us is what makes the world go 'round!
Eh, hmph… Man, our whole talking sense plan ended in failure.
But that's why yer our leader. Yer so cold-hearted, and demonic.
But that doesn't mean we're gonna just let you through, weddo! It's your turn, teachers!

Enter Miss Machiko, the Sexy Teacher, and Kotter Sensei, the Spirited Teacher.

Teachers? As in, real teachers? Why are you trying to stop students from going to class?
Everyone, listen carefully! You see, we teachers are too tired and lazy to be holding classes!
I'm being honest here… We don't want to deal with students!
That's pretty forthcoming…
Teacher, your passionate decree struck me right through the heart, ese!
Yeah, we know how you feel, homes. We'll never go to class again!
Ooh, you're such good boys. This is the ultimate relaxucation.
Isn't it too relaxed, don't you think?

Oh, so you won't obey me? Bad boys need to be punished.
Right. Corporal punishment it is. Abuse is my favorite privilege. Now, everyone stand in single file.

Map- Freezing Soul

This is a pretty easy map, really. We and all the enemies start on a field of Red panels with Enemy Boost + 50%, but destroying the symbol switches that to Weaken Enemy -50%. The Vato Brothers are on one side and Miss Machiko and Kotter Sensei the other. The teachers are much larger threats in general. Try to team up on the teachers and kill them from full to dead in one turn, because even weakened they can put the hurt on you.

Drama- Freezing Soul Outro

We teachers lost. Do whatever you want.
But I ain't teaching no classes! You understand me!?
Hahaha! To subdue teachers by force is really the greatest feeling!
There's no one who can stop my evil brain and blood-soaked actions at Evil Academy!
Hehe, what bravery. Those were wonderful attacks, Mao. I might come back for more.
But remember, you have quite a few fearful superiors that you haven't met at this school yet…
What!? Like who?
Hehe, you'll find out soon enough. Look forward to the latter half.

Yes, the game just told us to expect the game to have a serious turn after this episode. That really shouldn't surprise you at this point.

Boss! You can't go, ese!
Boss! Don't go to class, homes!
Boss…! Think it over, weddo!
Errgh, get away from me! I must go to the classroom and learn the secrets of "crush"!
Boss, come baaack!
…So much trouble, just to go to class.

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Sapphire: A New Classmate Appears!