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Part 24: Master Big Star- Friend or Foe?

Last time on Disgaea 3 we met Master Big Star. Today, we run into him again and find out exactly how screwed we are.

We walk into a pitched battle between the sophomores and seniors.

Drama- Victims' Ecstasy Intro

Don't worry. We'll clean up the corpses! Please help us by recycling!
Dammit! We're hit! Medic!! We got dragged into the dreadful volunteer activities of the seniors!
Who cares about contributing to society! We don't care to respect our elders! I'll never give up my seat for them!
I find that to donate is to die! We'll make them join a charity drive! Charge into the main sophomore forces!
A blood donation purge against honor students! Put your right hand on your heart, and charge!

Listen! Do not forget I am with you! Believe in me! Trust the evil fiend next to you! Take back your freedom!
All: Yeaaahhhhhh!!
Fools! Easily led into our trap! Seems this is going to be Master Big Star's grave!
We just need to get rid of Master Big Star. Then no one can prevent us from our goal to defeat the Overlord!

Hmm, it seems like the seniors are winning.
Hmph. He said all that stuff about my potential and whatnot, and look what good he can do.
There you are, Overlord's son. Seems you've managed to clean up the remnants. Somewhat useful, I see.
Even now, you act tough. The way I see it, you're going to lose this war.
But if you tell me where the senior classrooms are, maybe we'll back you up. Muhahaha! Now, what will it be!?
Seriously… How inelegant can you be? Your help is but a piece of glass that was dropped on a moonless night…
I'm not so foolish as to pick up something so fragile without a plan.
What!? You're okay with losing like this!?
Even if the chance of winning is 0%, it's a leader's role to make it 100%! I doubt you would understand that!
Guys, stop battling with your egos! You're both Class Leaders! If you can cooperate, we can get through this!

There's no need for such an eerie thing to sprout anywhere! I do things alone!
Two tastes may seem repelling at first sight! However, an unexpected combo can bring out the best tastes at times!
If you both have time to argue over excuses, try tasting it first!

Map- Victims' Ecstasy

In this map we're teamed up with Master Big Star and his sophomore forces against the seniors. There's two groups of seniors, a set of ninjas on either side of us and knights and samurai ahead of us. We want to let Master Big Star and his guys engage them while we deal with the ninjas, then go ahead to help him wipe them out. Master Big Star has an evility like Axel's old passive in Disgaea 2 that makes him take half damage from humanoids. He'll default to using his special Rozen Stars usually in this map, which is an extremely powerful single target special. There's an enemy Base Panel on the other side of the bridge that will pump out samurai, so don't dawdle. Take out the ninjas then go help out Big Star.

Drama- Victims' Ecstasy Outro

It's early to be surprised. I've only used 1% of my maximum powers.
…Then be more serious.
Master Big Star! Squad 4 has reported in. They're close to being obliterated! The enemy force is double our own!
Is this true!? So this was the decoy. …Alright. All forces, head to the fields!
Yes, sir!
…I'm sure you heard that. I've no time to deal with you now. My friends are waiting for my help.
Friends? I don't understand. Servants are just sacrificial pawns. Empathy will cloud judgment.
You may never understand. Good friends are treasures that cannot be replaced.
Friends? Even the Sophomore Class Leader rants about them.
Master Big Star is right. Not even demons can be all alone. Joining powers with friends is what makes-

Geoffrey? What are you doing here?
I bring good news. I've found out who the mastermind is.
Oh? Who is it?
The senior executives, the Diez Gentlemen.
…The Diez Gentlemen!?
But… they're legends of legends! The ultimate legend! So legendary they actually count as a lie!
That's right! Tell us it's a lie! If the Diez Gentlemen truly exist, the Netherworld would be gone by now!
You girls look pale. I wanna see them.
They're students and gentlemen? Sounds too good to be true…

You should all be careful when tasting.
No thanks, I'm already full…
Geoffrey, are you sure about this?
Oh, do you doubt me? If so, please look for yourself. I've connected the gates already…
Hmph. You don't need to tell me. I don't trust anyone, after all.
Mao, why are you saying that again…?
Hmm, should I force him to open his heart with the chainsaw?
…Geoffrey, if I beat up these Diez Gentlemen guys, it'll stop this "defeat the Overlord" goal, right?
Yes, that is indeed correct.
Mao… Are you serious about going?

What's wrong, Beryl? Scared?
Hehe, are you kidding me? To think I can fight the legendary Diez Gentlemen… I'm way too happy.

As with last time, after that revelation I've got another map real quick. I say real quick but this map takes a goddamn half an hour to beat.

Map- Waking Nightmares

This map is an interesting gimmick. We're assaulting a fortress. The enemies are ninjas, exorcists, samurai, and kunoichi. A group of them waits on each level of the fortress, and all but the last wait on Weaken Enemy blocks. You need to use Jump + blocks in strategic places to allow your characters to get up parts of the fortress walls on each level, which makes this a very time consuming map. It will likely seem really easy while playing, because the enemies on the first three levels won't really move until you attack them. This is all a trick, though, because the real enemies are the six high level kunoichi on the top level that become very, very aggressive as soon as you breach it. There's a lot of chests throughout the map that can have some decent stuff, it's worth it to take them out with spells while you kill.

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