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Part 25: Salvatore the Magnificent

Chapter 25- Salvatore the Magnificent

Last time on Disgaea 3 we learned that our problems are being caused by the legendary Diez Gentlemen. Today, we meet one!

Drama- Captain's Location Intro

I don't see Master Big Star. Maybe he went to a different battlefield
Grh…! Someone… Please… Tell Master Big Star…!
The Diez Gentlemen… They're here…!

Grhah! I'm done for…!
Even his last line was weak. This is getting real boring, real fast.
Why does he make all of us do all this! I alone could've killed all those sophomores on a good night!
A girl!? Are you a Diez Gentleman!?
Leftovers, huh? Introducing myself to trash like you gets old, but it's his style. I'll tell you who I am.

How can a girl be a gentleman?
Hey you there! Who gave you permission to speak? I don't forgive selfishness!
Eep!? I'm sorry!

Seems they're no comparison to any demon I've met before this!
Eeeeehh!? And there's 9 more of these demons!?
And it seems there's a leader on top of that! It's most likely that this person is the secret ingredient!
Leader? One after another, there's so many of them that keep popping up.
But this is just one ordeal! To defeat Dad, I must…
Hoh…? Looks like there's a live one in the mix.
Hey, lady! Bring out your leader or whatever!
I'll put an end to your stupid goal of trying to defeat Dad myself!
I heard the Overlord's son was a freshman. I guess that would be you.
Indeed it is! I don't care if you're a Diez Gentlemen or whatever! The Netherworld's No. 1 Honor Student is me!
It's my destiny to defeat Dad… The Overlord! I won't let some tertiary character get in my way!
Mao! Don't get her pissed! Miss Beryl, stop him!

And the stronger my opponent is, the greater my heart begins to burn out of control!
You may be right. In a strong body lies a strong soul.
By fighting a grand enemy, it may be possible for a change to occur inside Sir Mao's heart.
Even you, Princess…
It's impossible to run anyway. Prepare for the worst and fight.
Or what, Almaz? Will you leave your friends behind and try to escape?
I… I'll fight! (For you, Princess.)
Hmph, so you rebel against me? That's not bravery. Nor even brute courage. It's plain stupidity.
But stupidity with some promise. At least more than those freshman and sophomore dregs.
Alright then. I'll fight you. If you can somehow beat me, I'll show you to our leader.
If you can't… you'll die!

Master Big Star, huh? Hmph… Looks like I'm getting some trash with spirit.
In case any of you were wondering, Master is actually his first name.
Hey, Master Big Star! This lady's my prey! Stay outta this!
Sorry, I can't. This is a sophomore classroom and I just happen to be their leader.
I must continue to fight for my fallen comrades! That is, until my life comes to an end!
Hmm! I don't get it! Why should you ever sacrifice yourself for your servants!?
By staying by my side, they become stronger. But the reverse is also true.
Their trust gives me power. Because they are there for me, I can become stronger!
Ah! I know all about that! Everyone gives you a bit of power and you build up energy, right!?
That's not it.

Ah, wait just a minute! I have one more thing to say!
You know, Mao, the secret to Master Big Star's power is probably the same as a hero's.
What do you mean?
All for one, and one for all.
Friends help each other by lending their hands. This is a basic action that heroes have taken for a long time.
Friends, again! You better stop-

Overlord's son, you will jump 10,000 feet into the air, wait a turn, and do a dive attack! I'll take a critical hit!
No way! …Besides, you can't give commands to the enemy during a fight!
Of course I can! On a battlefield, superior orders are absolute! If I say die, you all must die!
Master Big Star, you will burrow underground and attack me with 5.000.000 C magma! Aim for my heart!
Right, understood.
The rest of you, transform into a giant invincible robot, and blast the area with a -5,000 C blizzard!
Right, also understood!
Master! Don't accept her orders!

Oh, but we have to try it to know if they really are impossible.
Now, transform and combine! I've always wanted to do this!
Indeed! Some dishes you must eat to know their taste! So, let's try eating it!
But the robot's impossible.
There's no need to hold back on those attacks! Give it your all! All forces, chaaarge!
I will crush you with my evil strategy and fix up that cocky mouth of yours!

Map- Captain's Location

Here comes a boss fight. We're up against Salvatore, a small group of gunners and armor knights near her, another small group of ninjas in the opposite corner, and a several pairs of beast masters that will Magichange with either a cockatrice or mystic beast. We're assisted by Master Big Star again. We're in the center of the map, on a big old box fortress. It's probably best to just show you what it looks like.

Now let's take a look at our main enemy, Salvatore.

Salvatore's a real pain in the ass. Her D-Protection evility reduces the damage she takes from specials by half. She favors guns, which leads to her having a very high speed and makes it very likely that we'll miss or Nick. And even worse, her special The Great Gun King is very likely to kill weak characters in a single hit. However, we're in luck this time around. Salvatore won't use her best skills this time around, because she's just not taking this fight seriously. Even with that this map is very difficult. Hit everything with overwhelming power and don't give up until they're all dead.

Drama- Captain's Location Outro

Too lenient! Those weren't the attacks I commanded! You thought you could beat me with those generic attacks!?
To find that the two other Class Leaders combined are still so weak is truly a disappointment! I'm not even warmed up!
Mrrr…! How can you say that!?
But it's the truth. She seemed to be taking our attacks on purpose, but as you can see, she seems unphased.
…Hmph, it's time. I'll get rid of you before the classroom bell rings.
Damn it! This isn't right! We had more than enough chances to win! Where did my calculations go wrong!?
…I know this isn't the best time, but I don't think I've ever seen your calculations work.
The one who was most rebellious against me was… the Overlord's son. You will be the first to die.
Take my attack, full on from the front, and say, "A splendid attack, Salvatore!" as you die!
You command how we die, too?
Here it goes! Don't mess up your line!

No one told you to do that! I don't forgive disobeying orders!
Young Master… Are you alright…?
Mr. Geoffrey! How reckless!
The wound is deep… We have to take him to the Nurse's Office, quick!
Leave the first aid to me! I'll show you the bandaging technique I taught myself during P.E.!
Hmhmhm… I was far off on my calculations this time. I didn't expect to sacrifice this body…
However, I cannot afford to lose you here, Young Master…
Even if I am not trusted by you, Young Master, I will always…

I'm sure you realize it now. You're just looking away from it, but you have great friends.
These… are friends?
…Tsk. My hands are tainted with an old man's blood. This is simply unpleasant.
I won't let you disobey me again. You will follow my commands and die.
…Tainted? The blood on your hands is Geoffrey's.
Are you saying it's dirty!? The blood that he spilled for me!?

Mao? What's wrong with you? You're acting strange!
Is he glowing!? I have a really bad feeling about this!
No…! It's too early!
What's he going to do? Transform!? Transmogrify!?
Young Master, calm your heart!
He needs to cool down his heart!? Then leave it to me!
Fire Chaos Style, Kitchen Fist uber secret move! Hot Hot Sensitive Tongue Slash! Kiiiiiaaaaahhhhh!

Huh…!? What was I…
Young Master… That was dangerous…
The ruler of the Netherworld shouldn't be angered for others… No, no… not for others…
…What was that just now? I felt and immense power…
Let me see that again, Overlord's son! That's an order! Attack me with that power!
Oh! Not the classroom bell.
Though it is by his orders, it's quite restricting to act like a delinquent.
But superior orders are absolute. It cannot be helped…
All forces, fall back! We are heading to class!

We're lucky they were delinquents this time. If they were diligent honor students, we'd be done for.
But isn't this our opportunity? If they're in class, they may be vulnerable. We can assassinate them.
Well well, what an extreme lady. A striking thought, but sadly, even I don't know where their classrooms are.
Hey, Master Big Star, the seniors are now our common enemy. How about we join forces?
When he… when Mao understands what friends are, and becomes a true leader. I will happily come to fight with you.
But now is not the time. I will be looking forward to the day we meet again.

Yeah… it's fine now.
Hmhmhm… Good thing I thought this might happen, so I set the starting class bells to ring a little early.
Geoffrey… I, you were my…
Do not say anything. As a demon, you cannot trust anyone. Not even me…
Young Master… Hurry, and become the demon of all demons…
This is my… only joy… To see…

And on that happy note, let's see the preview for Episode 6.

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