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Part 28: Of Heroes and Demons

Last time on Disgaea 3 we defeated Mao's subconscious limits. Today, we have a strange and terrible encounter.

Drama- Heart Vault Intro

What is it, Mao? Why'd you stop?
Oh? There's someone over there. Isn't that… a human?
Wait a minute! That's… Sir Aurum! Super Hero Aurum!
You mean, that super famous superhero?
Yes! It's the Super Hero! I heard he had gone missing…
Super hero?
I can't believe it! The rarest of the rares! Gimme your autograph, pleeeeease!
…Wait a minute. Why is he inside Mao's heart?
…Where is the strongest Overlord!?
Ahhh!? It's not me! I'm just a lowly Demon Maniac!

…Super Hero, huh?
What's wrong, Mao? Why the scary face? Are you scared?
How disgusting… The things you find in your heart.
You know something, but what's it have to do with Sir Aurum?
…I wouldn't know.
…Where is the strongest Overlord!?
He keeps saying the same thing. What's wrong with him?
The strongest Overlord can only mean one person, Mao's father. Our reigning Overlord.
Strongest Overlord…
You're so annoying! Saying the same thing over and over!
The strongest Overlord… is youuuuuu!
What's with this guy? Mao's just the Overlord's son.

She's right. If Sir Mao were a dangerous Overlord, I would have stabbed him in the back long ago.
Princess, don't… Don't dirty your hands… Let me do that for you.
…I thought you guys were trying to open up my heart. I'm gonna seclude myself now.
You're the strongest Overlord! Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Map- Heart Vault

So this time we're up against Super Hero Aurum and his allies, a fighter, a martial artist, a cleric, and a Prism Mage. Each of these characters is dangerous, and Aurum is another step beyond the others. He has access to Star magic and his brutal special Demon Slayer X, which hits all squares around him for massive damage. Hit the support characters with overwhelming power to kill them as soon as they're near you then smash Aurum as hard as you can. He WILL kill people if you let him get anywhere near your weak characters. He's much more powerful than any enemy you've encountered so far, so don't feel bad if you have to grind a bit to beat the level. If you can catch them (or throw them) into a formation that lets you hit them with Vasa Aergun as part of a combo on Aurum that's likely to kill the Prism Mage or cleric in one shot.

Drama- Heart Vault Outro

Crazy, I must say… Even though he's in your heart, that superhero went flying off.
Wow… You can beat the Diez Gentleman for sure, now. Maybe even the Overlord!
Wait! This is strange! The Super Hero's presence is still here!

Don't tell me he gets to revive, too? What an annoying hero!
…The strongest Overlord is…
Hmm, maybe the Super Hero is attached to his heart, like Sir Mao's father was. What happened here?
…What's he got to hold onto? A resident who doesn't pay rent needs to be kicked out!
Wait, he revived, but it seems like he's completely lost the will to fight.
I thought the Super Hero was more of a cool guy. This is kinda disappointing.
…The strongest Overlord is no more… Without the Overlord, I am…
I am… I am, a hero… Where is the next Overlord…!?
Are there no more, anywhere? Are there no strong Overlords…? Where is the strongest Overlord…!?
It looks like he's looking for the strongest Overlord, but Mao's dad is somewhere around here, right?
I heard that the Super Hero went to defeat the strongest Overlord and never returned. It seems that story is wrong.
…Where is the strongest Overlord…?

…… It seems I can't trust others after all. Friends are useless to me.
Huh? What's wrong now?
The Super Hero has taught me a lesson! A trusting heart… promises…! Friends…! They're all useless!
Where do you think you're going?
…I no longer have any business here. I'm going home. Watching him makes me sick.
You guys better pack it up and leave. Otherwise, I'll consider you parasites and sic my defenses on you.
This is bad! Mao's heart has become suddenly hard! It's as hard as week old bread!
His heart was finally starting to be honest, too. What happened?
Ever since he saw the Super Hero he started acting strange.
But what's the connection between Mao and the Super Hero? I haven't heard any rumors.
There are games and comics and cartoons of the Super Hero in Mao's room, so I wonder if that has to do with it?
Do you think this could somehow be related to his heart's scar?

Which means, Sir Mao must have met Super Hero Aurum sometime in the past.
…Say Hero, what's the real Super Hero like?
Would he really hurt Mao's heart? The guy we just saw was pretty weird. Is the real one like that, too?
Sir Aurum is super famous in the human world, and he's a legendary hero that everyone admires.
He's the strongest, smartest, nicest, most competent, and even pretty funny hero ever. He's perfect in every way.
He's mentioned as a top-class hero in our kingdom's annals, as well. Though, he is a man from the distant past.
He left the human world to defeat the strongest Overlord. I believe it's been more than 200 years since then.
But his many adventures are retold as legends, and he's even on the coins and bills of the kingdom's currency.
I have all his games, cartoons, comics, novels, figures, even the die-cast ones, and even some fan magazines.
Wow. You're a fanatic, but even normal people know who the Super Hero is. That's how great of a man he was.

…The real Sir Aurum is different! He's a man of courage and justice, and he beat many evil Overlords and Gods!
Even the Overlord was pretty different from the Overlord inside his heart. No way could that be the real Sir Aurum!
…But from Mao's point of view, that's how he appeared, right?
Well, maybe…
There's the problem. Why did the Super Hero reflect so badly in Sir Mao's eyes like that?
Debating over the menu won't fill your stomachs! If you have time to think, then cook! You're young, move forward!
You're right, Master!

Just don't forget that when it's time, we are the only ones who will be there to support Mao.

So now we've met Aurum the super hero, or at least the shadow of him as Mao saw him. Of course the question is… bzzt…

…bzzt… Damn you Diez Gentlemen! Anyway we need to find the Seniors to end this.

He may have been strong, but what can one do when they cease to exist!?
I only obey my evil mind, and walk forward down my own path!
We're going to attack the senior classrooms! We need to go repay that lady of the Diez Gentlemen!
But we still don't know where they are.
That is nothing to worry about. I thought this might happen, so I've discovered their location.
Oh? It's amazing how no one knows where they are, yet you were able to find them.
So, where are they?
Directly above us.
Oh, I see. The classrooms flew down here.
Yes, and they will land shortly.

They most likely use the class bells to time their raids. That way, they can disappear right after a fight.
I never thought of that. Hehehe! Their methods are much more advanced than a regular badass'.
Legend has it, seniors were originally a group of super honor students. Now that they're delinquents, this won't be easy.
Don't forget that there are brainwashed freshmen being held in their classrooms!
Oh, that's right. I completely forgot.
Go ahead and forget them! Now that I have reached my potential, I don't need servants!
As long as I have this evil power and brain, the day I beat up my dad quickly approaches! Muhahaha!
He seems to be in a good mood… But I know there has to be a pitfall that's just waiting for us…

Next Time on Disgaea 3: The Senior Classrooms