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Part 29: The Senior Classrooms

Last time on Disgaea 3 we battled a vision of the Super Hero, Aurum. Today, we assault the senior classrooms!

Drama- Legendary School Intro

You really are quick to act. I'm starting to take you for granted too, Mr. Geoffrey.

You're right. I imagined more of a nasty-looking building. Heh, how anticlimactic…
Seems like the two of you are starting to get a taste for the Netherworld.
But if you look closely, you can tell that they recently remodeled it to match their newfound delinquency.
Where are the Diez Gentlemen? Catch all of 'em, not just the woman. I want to test my new moves on them.
Do not underestimate them!
Hmph. You've seen the extent of my potential, and you still wish to lecture me?
Indeed! Here is a slice of cake. Almaz, eat it up!
You're picking me? It appears pretty normal… *munch * *munch *
Blehh!? What is this!? It tastes like teriyaki sauce! What are you trying to do to me?
I always add depth to my cooking! Taste can't be measured with sight! That is the essence of cooking!
So what are you trying to prove?

So the Diez Gentlemen are like teriyaki flavored cake. As the teacher says, we should beware what they hide inside.
…You seem to know a lot about the Diez Gentlemen. Is there something you're not telling us?
Hyahya, a man shuts up to enjoy his dark stew! Look, there's your welcome!

We have gathered here today, at the behest of our senior bosses.
Ex-boss, will you join us in enjoying a wonderfully brainwashed life? We never have to choose where to go for lunch!
Fools! The only way to thoroughly enjoy life as a demon is to plot new ways to be evil!
You who've given up plotting evil have no right to call yourselves demons!

Map- Legendary School

We're up against the Vatos again, and they've got an annoying map for us this time. The whole map is covered in green and yellow sections, and each turn the Geo Monsters providing the effects will randomly move onto one of these two colors. There's no real way of planning for what effects are coming each turn, so you just need to deal with things as they come and accept that sometimes you're going to get hurt by Enemy Boosted enemies. There's very little to this map, just go all out and smash everything as soon as it's near you.

Drama- Legendary School Outro

You Vato Bros. are wrong! You can't be a real badass if you're only doing it because you're being controlled!
I don't understand what you mean. You and I are both delinquents. Do we not share the same feelings?
Being forced into it by someone else and becoming one by your own free will are completely different!
Don't think so hard about it. I'll free you from your hypnosis with my iron fist. It won't hurt. So come over here.
A senior boss told us not to get too close to strangers. So adios.
We set up a bunch of traps inside the building, so watch your step.
…Aww, they got away. You need to convince them too, Mao. You are their Class Leader, right?
Just ignore them. I don't need useless servants.
But Mao…
More importantly, did you see it, Almaz? Isn't my potential power amazing!?
With this much evil power, I can beat both the Diez Gentlemen and my dad!

Nothing you say can reach Mao now. Curry tastes better after letting it sit for a night. Leave him for now.
(Why is Mao obsessed with himself? I thought he was finally beginning to change. Was it just my imagination?)
(Or is it because he met Sir Aurum inside his heart…?)
(Mao… Please. Look at the people around you. At this rate, I may abandon you…)

Map- Vile Voodoo Doll

This map introduces a new and exciting Geo Effect: The Bye-Bye Panel. Anyone that ends a turn on a Bye-Bye Panel explodes just like a Prinny would. There's a pair of Shamans on the map reducing our stats, a very nasty Skeleton Dragon, and lots of thieves. Even worse, we can't get respite from the effect just by killing one of the symbols. One is a To Blue on Red and the other is To Red on Blue. There's lots of empty spaces on the map that can be used to safely move around, just be careful you don't get too separated from characters that can heal.

Drama- Vile Voodoo Doll Outro

Let's see… "Please take freely."
Oh hoho! Do you think they mean that cutesy doll?
Princess, don't you think it's a little strange for a doll to just be sitting there? It has to be a trap.

Be careful, boom! That's no doll!
Watch out, Princess!

Almaz!? Almaz! Don't die!
Almaz! …Are you dead?
Ahh, to take away our hero! How cruel the gods can be!
I've never seen that before. Was that the ultimate skill of the 48 expressions of affection, "Self Sacrifice"…?
Thank you, Hero Almaz! We will never forget about you! You will live on forever in our hearts.
Rest in peace… We've lost an amusing man.

Almaz! Are you alright? Where were you hurt? Let me take a look.
I'm fine, it was nothing really.
…But you look kind of pale.
It was just a prick from a needle I think. Don't worry. There's nothing wrong.
More importantly, Princess… Are you hurt at all?
Thanks to you, I'm perfectly fine.
Whew. I'm glad you're safe. Please take better care of yourself.
Indeed. It was a careless act on my part. But it was so cutesy. I'm sorry.
No, no, it's okay as long as I'm around! "A hero must act with courage to protect that which is precious!"
I'm always prepared to die for you, Princess!
But please try not to be so reckless. If you really can't help it, try to only do it while I'm around.
Alright, I understand. …But I won't forgive you if you die.
Haha, don't worry. It's not like I want to die.

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Nether Wars: Salvatore Strikes Back!