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Part 30: Showdown: Salvatore Strikes Back!

Last time on Disgaea 3 we entered the Senior Classrooms. This time we will have a rematch with the Diez Gentleman Salvatore and learn the identity of the Senior Class Leader!

Map- Pool of Bloody Tears

This map throws us up against one of the most dangerous new Geo Effects in Disgaea 3, the Mighty Enemy panel. This makes enemies and ONLY enemies standing on the panels invincible. I don't think I need to explain why that's bad. We are faced with two squat towers. Both have a box/Geo Block setup that is evocative of stairs if only we can clear the blocks. One side has No Effect blocks, the other Mighty Enemy. To clear the Mighty Enemy effect we need a block from the No Effect tower. Do not approach the Mighty Enemy tower until you have this block, and under no circumstances allow anything to happen to the block, as the map is basically unwinnable without it. That said, all the enemies are squishy ranged and caster types that will die very quickly if they're not invincible.

Drama- Cruel Destiny Plan Intro

Wh, what's wrong?
Oh, it's nothing… I probably just caught a cold.
Maybe you got an infection from your previous wound. Here, let me see it.
N, n, no! That's more than I deserve!
If you're not feeling good, go get some rest at the Nurse's Office. No one'll blame you for missing out.
Thanks, but I'm fine. Really.
Beryl's right, Almaz. I don't need your help. My powers alone can handle this.
…Isn't that right, Salvatore the Magnificent?

Where is your leader? Let's get this over quick. I want a leader vs. leader duel.
Hmph, you conceited white-haired kid. You have gotten somewhat better, but, you're nowhere close to our leader.
Heh heh heh heh… Is that your way of acting like a big shot? What a coward.
Alright then… I'll beat you up and force you to drag this leader of yours out!
Don't act so arrogant, kid! There are powers in this world that are far beyond your imagination!
Interesting! Let's see this power!
Let's begin, Overlord's son! Grow a thousand arms and fire rocket punches! Don't forget to scream, "Rocket Punch!"
Alright, I can do that for you! Right now, I feel like I can do anything!
Mao, in so many ways… I don't think I can keep up with you anymore.

Map- Cruel Destiny Plan

One quick caveat to the viewer: This map is actually MUCH harder than I make it look. A combination of luck and very careful positioning turned what can be absolutely brutal into something pretty reasonable. The enemies are split into four 'waves' each of which is accompanied by a Geo Effect. First are Samurai and Exorcists on Attack + panels, which you should lure off and plow with overwhelming force. Next are gun users on Evade panels. You need to get them off the panels to have any real chance of killing them, their high speed combines with Evade to make them nearly impossible for anyone not using a gun or bow to hit. Next come Armor Knights on Defense + panels, which is sort of refreshingly easy. Kill them in a leisurely fashion and get ready to start the real fun. Salvatore and two Magic Knights wait on Enemy Boost panels. It is absolutely imperative that you lure them off of those. You need to push your toughest character up close enough to get the Knights' interest but not so close that they can hit you from the Enemy Boost panels, then on your next turn kill them with every single thing you can muster. At that point Salvatore will likely decide you're too close and engage you. Everything that was annoying about Salvatore, namely her high Speed and resistance to skills, is still present. What's worse, now she'll start using her unique skill The Great Gun King. This attack is absolutely brutal and will easily kill weak characters. However, it has a critical flaw you can exploit if you position yourself very carefully: it targets a fixed area and range in front of Salvatore. If you can get her in the right area and are very careful about where you put characters she will have trouble getting into a good position to hit someone with it. If she does decide to use it she should only hit one character at a time, which as long as you're careful should be healable. It's going to take a lot of time to drag her down but she should drop eventually.

Now get ready. The entire game so far has been leading to this next scene.

Drama- Cruel Destiny Plan Outro

The legendary Diez Gentlemen are nothing to fear! Now, there are no enemies that can stand in my way!
This is indeed my true power! My long history of tough battles means nothing! For this was my first serious battle!
Wow, he's completely narcissistic.
You do know in your heart that this isn't really just your power, right? Be a little more honest.
Don't you know anything? I am the heir to the Netherworld and the No. 1 Honor Student! All that matters is my power!
You may be right… No demon, other than our leader, has beaten me while I was using the full extent of my power.
Heh heh heh… See? Even my enemy understands my powers better than you.
But Sir Mao, some of the strongest powers are driven by cooperation. Don't you see that?
No, I don't. And thankfully, I don't need to. And I'll prove it to you, by beating the rest of the Diez Gentlemen.

Oh, I didn't know the Diez Gentlemen went to those events…
Then bring out your leader. I beat you, so I demand to see him.
…He is also absent. He is quite elusive, you see. Even I don't know where he is or what he normally does.
Heh heh heh heh heh… He fears me so greatly that he schemes to run for his life?
I won't let him! Where are you hiding!? Show yourself, immediately!

Ah, Geoffrey, excellent. Your timing is perfect and most suspicious.
Can you bring out the Senior Class Leader, as usual?
Hmhmhm, I thought this might happen, so I came prepared.
Good. That's how it should be.
It's been worth those long years of raising, grooming…
Huh, what is he talking about?
Hmhmhm. Thinking back, it took so long. I was so patient… I miscalculated so, so many times, yet… here we are.
What are you saying, Mr. Geoffrey?
Miscalculations? What is your plan?
…What's wrong? Enough of this talk, just bring me the leader. I'm tired of waiting.
You're tired of waiting!? But I'm glad… I'm so glad you've grown this much…

Here it comes…

Episode 6 Ending

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