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Part 32: Truth

Last time on Disgaea 3 Mao swore revenge on the Super Hero. This time we learn more about Mao's past while we travel to the Human World.

Drama- Hearty Comeuppance Intro

Alright! You're pretty good, for a Prinny.
You shouldn't have done that…
It wasn't me, dood. It was already connected when I got here.
Then… who did it?
I wouldn't worry about it too much. Please select your destination, dood.

I want to strike fear in those damn humans and see the look of horror and pain on the Super Hero's face!
H-hey, Mao. Why do you hate the Super Hero so badly? You met him before, right?
…Why should I tell you anything?
It's useless to hide it, Mao. If we search through the memories in your heart, we'll know either way.
Heh heh heh, your threats are powerless against me! No matter what you do, I will never tell you!
Then I'll make you want to speak. Will it be the hell-strike? Or the chainsaw? I'll let you pick your poison.
Rrrgh. You've got some nerve, threatening a demon. Just for that, I'll tell you.
You sure gave in fast!
…I need to defeat the Super Hero to avenge my dad.
200 years ago, the Super Hero came to our Netherworld to defeat my dad.
He promised that he would only beat him up to teach him a lesson…
But he broke that promise!

I see. You got in a fight with your dad, so you were going to have the Super Hero beat him up a little.
What was the outcome of this battle? You said avenge. Does that mean the Overlord lost?
Well, as far as what we saw in his heart, Mao told him his weakness, so I would assume Sir Aurum won.
But… the Overlord is alive. He beat us miserably in Chapter 1.
…No, my dad is dead.
Dear me, so the Overlord has been dead for 200 years?
Yes. Since then, he's become a ghost and tied himself down. He can't even die…
What do you mean, he can't die?
Dad… has a grudge against me.
What makes you so sure of that?

What you saw was not him. He is the strongest, most evil, simply the best Overlord to ever rule the Netherworld!
And the one who tricked me, and turned my dad into what he is… was a human. A hero.
I can never forgive him! Now do you understand?
…If so, then stay outta my way.
Hehehe, no way. After hearing that, I can't just abandon you. What are rivals for?
Revenge won't help you lay anything new! If you're gonna lay, lay fresh eggs. Even if you are a male!
…Hmm. Either way, why did the Super Hero simply let us go?
I thought that was strange, too. If we fought then and there, he could've taken care of all of us…

Stand down, Salvatore. Put your weapon away. You don't need it now.
Aren't superior orders absolute?
Mrrr…! You are… the Super Hero!
Hahaha… It's been a long while, old friend.
What friend!? Don't you mess with me!
Do you hate me? Are you frustrated? Do you want to kill me? Then be angry! Begrudge me! Curse me!
…Heh… hehehehe! You're trying to provoke me?
As you wish, I'll fix up your body and turn you into a life-size figurine!
Ah well… I'm going to have to pass on that one. It's not "the time" yet.
The finishing touches still need to be made. Right now, you won't even be able to cut a strand of my hair.
I look forward to the next time we meet… I'll be waiting.
Wait, Super Hero! I'll never forgive you!

Why did he retreat? Why didn't he destroy them? I wasn't made aware of his plan.
We will abandon this building. Those under my command wait for instructions. All classes are cancelled! Dismissed!

Hmm, the Super Hero's actions are full of mystery.

Map- Hearty Comeuppance

Hearty Comeuppance is an interesting map. We're faced with a gauntlet of Baciels, demons that can attack like a gun user. They're on panels that stop us lifting them and boost their power. What's worse, they get to double attack if they haven't moved. So, the strategy is to tower throw over to the Enemy Boost symbol and kill it. Once we've done this, we can throw the Deathblow symbol nearby into its place. This makes any attack that hits one of the Baciels kill it instantly. This is awesome for experience, though a later map this chapter will prove even better for leveling up. If you do things right you will never take even a single attack on this map.

Drama- Hearty Comeuppance Outro

Hm? Why does your body look so physically in need of adjustments?
Do you have a fever? Feeling dizzy? Any coughs? Want elective surgery? I'll fix you up with an immortal body.
I… respectfully… decline. *cough * *cough *
It has to be a cold. Here, drink this. It's a special zombie juice I made. It'll boost your stamina… supposedly.
Oh my, you're shivering. Hero, if you'd like, please take this sweater knitted from corpses' back hair.
Oh, then I will make you a thousand cranes so that you will rest in peace.
Th, thanks, but your thoughts are more than enough.
Almaz, you shouldn't push yourself. A healthy body is a hero's most precious asset.
I'm fine! I'm always prepared to sacrifice this body for you whenever it's needed!
I, Almaz von Almandine Adamant, hereby pledge my li-
Fool! I said you can't do that. Don't speak of dying so freely.

Yeah, I'm sorry…
But you know… Even if you die, I probably still won't be able to cry.
I want to cry, but I can't. It's an incredibly miserable and sad feeling…
So, don't die. I don't want to feel that way.
…Don't worry, I won't die. I won't do anything to make you sad.
You really won't die? Do you promise?
Hmph… A promise? There's no such thing as a hero who'd keep a promise!

Um, Mao? I don't plan on dying, but, if… Just, if, something happens to me…
Take care of the Princess for me.
Ha! What are you saying? Are you sure you're thinking straight?
Maybe you really do have a fever. Mao's personality is pretty twisted now. It's probably not a good idea.
Yeah. Did you hope to make a promise with me, the one guy who hates humans and heroes more than anything?
Promises are worthless. What meaning do they have?
It's not a promise. Mao, I trust you.
Trust!? That's… disgusting! You do know I'm about to go destroy your world, right? What's your angle?
Well, sadly, I don't have much time.
Huh? Oh, right. Heh heh heh. Your title is already "Mostly Demon."
You don't think you can hold onto your sanity once you turn completely into a demon, do you?
Oh, you knew? Well yeah, that's about right.
…When the time comes, I'm counting on you, Mao.


What!? When did you- How could I let someone take my back?
We can both say that we haven't shown our true powers yet. I hope you don't underestimate me.
Hmph. Looks like we both have our situations. What's a man like you doing helping the Overlord's son?
A man needs no reasons to help another man! Just leave it to your heart's belief!
My heart's belief?
Indeed. During our previous battle, no matter how much potential Mao brought, you should've won through actual skill.
The reason you lost was because you believed the power of friendship outweighed your sheer power. Am I right?
A demon is one who normally lives in the carefree freedom to follow their heart's content.
Your powers will inevitably be cut in half if you live in a conformed way.
Since when have you demons been altering your honor student lifestyles to conform with those of delinquents?
That must have allowed him the chance to gain an advantage over all of us. At least that's what I think, boom.
…Who are you anyway?

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Time is Short…