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Part 33: Accursed

Last time on Disgaea 3 we learned some of Mao's past. Today, we learn how screwed Almaz is.

Map- Unsated Thirst

This map is a real pain in the ass. It's effectively broken into two sections. There's two types of threats on this map. There's Skeleton Dragons, powerful physical threats, and Reapers, powerful mages. The Reapers are all on large walls of Magic Range + blocks. We need to carefully avoid their range to get the block needed to clear the first wall of Magic Range blocks, which allows us to reach the block needed to clear the second wall. Don't mistake this for a gimmick map, though. The Skeleton Dragons are brutally powerful and can easily one hit kill a weak character. Proceed carefully and this map should be doable.

Drama- Corpse Eaters Intro

Hey Mao, are you sure it's the humans and heroes that you're mad at?
Huh? What do you mean?
We looked inside your heart, but it didn't look like you hated humans and heroes as much as you say.
She's right. In fact, your father inside your heart was blaming you, not the Super Hero.
Are you doing all this because you secretly blame yourself for telling the Super Hero your father's weakness?
Do you feel responsible, and now you're trying to lay your dad to rest with your own hands?
You don't really hate humans or heroes, do you? You just regret your past.
What? No! Humans and heroes are the focus of my hatred!
And to pay back the Super Hero, I'm going to destroy his world! That's all I'm doing!
I don't think that's quite right.

Hmm. Lady Beryl is right. Destroying the human world would just be taking your anger out on them.
Or do you not think you can beat the Super Hero who defeated your father, so you want to bully the humans?
That's just cheap. I never dreamed that you were such a petty honor student. What a disappointment…
You're all wrong! I could defeat my dad, or even the Super Hero right now, if I wanted!
Then why do you need to take revenge on human bystanders? There's no meaning to it, whatsoever.
Grrrrrr… There is meaning to it! If I destroy his home world, I'll deal heavy psychological damage to him!
So you are being cheap.
Shut up! My evil brain has never led me astray! I will destroy the human world! It's the most effective target!
I will do it! I will annihilate them!

Map- Corpse Eaters

Welcome to another Warp map. There's four panels that allow us to warp past a No Entry barrier to where the enemies wait. We're up against some pretty weak opposition compared to the last map, though, and the only real threat is that characters could get separated and picked apart alone. One way to avoid this is to station towers on the warp panels instead of single characters, allowing you to pass most of your party through in one go. This is an easy map and in repeat visits will feature a 3x3 square of enemies on EXP + panels, making this the best leveling map until the postgame.

Drama- Corpse Eaters Outro

(Mao's emotions are just a little confused by the sudden appearance of his dad's foe.)
(If he can calm down and pull himself together, I'm sure he'll understand.)
…Hm!? Almaz! What's wrong with your wrist!?
No, don't look at it!
Show me!
Huh!? What is this patchy, blueish green-
Uh… Hahaha… I guess you found out.
Whatever that is, it looks terrible. Is that from your wound?
Why didn't you say something before it got this bad?
Well, I didn't want to cause any worry or anything, so…
Fool! That doesn't mean you should keep quiet about something like this!
I'm sorry…
Let me see your arm.

A curse!? Who curses people these days?
Rest assured. As a responsible former class president, I'll take him to the Nurse's Office.
It can't be cured at the Nurse's Office!
Teacher! Why can't it be cured?
I saw Almaz acting a little strange. So I secretly looked into it.
The bottom line… it's too bad! That curse is far too strong! There's no way to cure it!
What!? Then... it's all my fault!
…Hmph. He's a useless servant anyway. Turn into a demon, get cursed, go ahead and die, it's all the same to me.
Oh the bright side, if you die from the curse, I can dissect you. You'll finally be useful to me.
Mao! Even if you are an honor student, there are things that you should and shouldn't say!
…Tsk. He's gone.

At this rate, there's not much hope in stopping it. I need to help Mao and get him to open up his heart.
Is that true?
Yes. I would never lie to you, Princess.
I don't have much time left. I can't rest now. Come on, let's go.
(To protect the Princess… And for Mao who's about to completely step off his path…)
(I have to go, no matter what! That's the best I can do…)
You have good poise, Almaz. It looks as if you really are a hero.
Haha, please. Don't tease me, Princess.
But it's not good to think too much on your own. What do you think friends are for?
That's right, Hero. We're friends, right?
I'm your friend, too!
I am also your friend!
Miss Beryl… Everyone…

…You mean, like, opening it with a drill or something?
Hehe. If you can still joke around, you're fine.
Haha, that's the only thing I'm good at.
But seriously, everyone… thank you. You're right. I have dependable friends.
…And another one of our friends is about to walk down the wrong path of his heart all alone.
We have to teach him that he also has great friends, and that he's not alone!
Yeah! Even though you were a fake, I see what made you a hero! Gimme an autograph later!
Almaz. You are already a great hero at heart.
Thank you, Princess… But I need to be one in title.

(What a great sacrificial spirit for his friends and loved ones! Splendid!)
(Right then! The completion of this dish depends on your final touch! I shall watch until the end!)

Well this isn't looking good. Almaz is… bzzt…

Wow, we've seen an awful lot of those so far. Just about one for each Gent. Anyway Almaz is dying it seems. And turning into a demon really soon. He just can't get any luck.

Next Time on Disgaea 3: The Dark Heart