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Part 34: A Mirror, Darkly…

Last time on Disgaea 3 we headed further towards the Human World. Today, we battle the strongest foe Mao has ever encountered, and say farewell to a friend.

Map- Grieving Death Knell

This another map where we're up against enemies stationed on Enemy Level Up blocks that we have to reach and defeat before they become unreasonably powerful. This time, though, the enemies are Wood Elementals and an Ifrit, much nastier than what we were up against before. There's a path of Move + blocks we can use to make this go faster, but tower throws are vital if you're going to reach the Ifrit in time. Still, this map is almost refreshing compared to the rest of the game after it.

Map- Wandering Hunter

This map is actually much harder than it appears. We're on a pile of Geo Blocks and there's an Enemy Turbo effect down at the bottom we need to clear out. The blocks we need to use to clear the effect are all on islands we need to throw people over to. You need to set up all the throws before doing any of them, because otherwise you can end up being unable to throw over to the one that's actually important. You can safely stand anywhere that's not in a direct line to one of the Baciels until you do some damage to them and they start moving. I actually failed this map twice before the run you see that was successful, because even without the Enemy Turbo the Baciels are brutal. Still, this is map is going to look easy compared to what's coming next…

I strongly suggest you watch the drama scenes here. They really are top notch.

Drama- Death's Path Intro

Muhahahaha! If I destroy this place, I'm sure he'll regret ever making a fool out of me!
And I'm sure this'll ruin the property value of his legal residence! Muhahaha!
Tonight, let there be a rain of blood upon this land! You humans will know fear!
You. Will. All. Die!

What's gotten into you, Mao?

Oh, droppings! He's gone berserk! We can't let Mao run any further into the darkness! It'll taste terrible!
Noooo! My Lady!
Lady Beryl! Get away from Sir Mao!
Grh…! Sorry, don't wanna!
My Lady! Please let go! Hurry!
If Mao's gonna go berserk, I'm the only one who can stop him!
Isn't that right, Mao?
Let go or else!
Hehe, you gonna kill me? Alright, fine, do it.
But I won't let go of these hands! That's the bond between me and you!
…Err! Let go! Berrryl…!
Looks like you settled down… somehow.

Get in my way again and I won't go easy on you!
Now you're lashing out at me!? Cut the crap, miserable demon!
Me, a miserable demon? The No. 1 Honor Student of the entire Netherworld?
Yeah, that's right. But attacking an innocent and defenseless world isn't something an honor student should do!
That's for scum!
Your only enemy is the Super Hero. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, but you can't just take anyone's eye.
No! I am not wrong! It is the act that would hurt the Super Hero the most!
…No, it's not! You're just running away!
Almaz! Are you some kind of wise guy!?
Since when did my fake hero grow such a big mouth?
Mao, look carefully at your own heart. Is anger and hatred all that you see?

So you… never did realize?
…Why are you crying?
Because I'm sad.
That's right. Aren't you sad, too?
When a family member dies, you're sad. When people betray you, you're sad. When you can't trust friends…
You're so sad, and in so much pain… But you just don't know what to do with all those emotions, am I right?
Don't be stupid! I don't feel that! That emotion doesn't exist in my heart!
It's easy to fool yourself. Looking away from something we don't want to see is a bad habit we all have.
But you aren't alone now. You have friends. If it hurts, you can be honest and tell us it hurts.
If you're suffering, you're allowed to complain. No one will make fun of you.

…Hmph, that's a coward's way out.
It's not weakness. Running from the strong and taking it out on the weak is an even more cowardly act.
What did you say!? You catch me and then call me a coward?
Hey Mao, did you know that I used to look down on demons?
When you turned me into one, I hated it so much. I thought demons were incomprehensible, and untrustworthy.
But that was wrong of me. By denying inexplicable urges, I tried to escape to an easier path.
Yes. To assume that "demons are bad" is very convenient. And I was the same way at first.
Is that so? Do you still hate demons?
No. I've gotten to know who they are. And I've come to rather like them.
If I can stay with you guys, I don't mind never being a human again. Or, so I assume.

Umph! Hey Princess, stop hugging me!
Haha. See? Demons, humans, it doesn't matter. That's what I finally understand after being with you all.
There's no doubt about it. We're all friends. And the one who taught me that… was you, Mao.
I believe in you. Do you believe in me?
You, a human, say that a demon is your friend? You say that you believe in me?
Do you think I'll fall for tha-
Ehh! Urrrgghh…
Too late! It's begun!
Almaz? What's wrong!?
…Sorry. I was no good, after all. I couldn't become a hero…
Why are you talking like that? Why in the past tense?

What's going on with you? I don't want you talking like that.
I'm sorry… It seems… I can no longer… Protect you, Princess…
I don't get it! I don't understand what you're talking about!
As I said, it's an incurable curse. He knew, but continued to endure it alone, for friendship and for love.
Almaz, you…? Why? Why did you lie!?
I-I'm sorry… I didn't want to worry you…
Fool! You're making me worry a lot right now!
Haha, you're right… Princess, please listen.
To me, you're the most important…
I know. So don't-

Thinking back on it now… I think I heard… From the very beginning… Mao's voiceless voice…
My voice?
Yup… I can hear it… clearly now.
It's saying… "Help me."
"Heroes must… offer a helping hand… to anyone… in need!"
I wanted… to become… a hero…
But, even moreso, Mao… To be… your… fri…en-

Almaz! Answer me!
You're kidding, Hero… Right? This is a joke…
Die…d? Almaz? No way…
To stop me…? Impossible… Why…?
For what reason would you risk your life for a complete stranger?
Because he's… a hero?
No, you should know this now. Ask your heart.
That is correct!

What!? There's two Maos!?
Almazie, your last words were echoing through my heart, man.
But you know, once you're dead, it's all over. Just leave the rest of it to me, alright?
Who the hell…!?

…No, that's a lie. You're an imposter.
Oh? What makes you so sure?
It's just a feeling.
Heh heh heh… A gut feeling, huh? I guess you are my rival after all…
But don't get me wrong… I'm sure I'm also a real Mao, too.
What does that mean!?
You don't even get it? I'm the pure evil that's inside your heart.
I came out because you wished me to do so, man.
I don't know you! And I don't need you!
Hmm? That's strange. You wanted power, right? That's why I came out.
Like I said, I'm pure evil. For a demon like you, I'm your source of energy.
Thanks to your rush of regret and hatred, you used your potential powers. And so, here I am.
So, come on! Switch with me already. I'm bored of sitting there in the corner of your heart.
Don't you mess with me! I won't give up my body so easily!
Fine by me. I'll just take it by force.

Map- Death's Path

This map is by far the hardest thing so far in the game. There are two approaches to Dark Mao. One is covered in Geo Panels that are horribly unfavorable to us and features Reapers. The other has Skeletal Dragons and can only be accessed by throwing. This is where the Geo Blocks we need to deal with to even the odds on the other side are. What's more, we can add a Silence effect to the panels, making the caster type Reapers much weaker. Even worse, there's an Enemy Base Panel that will spit our even more Reapers. You know what, though? All of that is prosaic in the end. The real threat, the only threat is Dark Mao. On turn one an Ifrit will Magichange with him, arming him with a hugely powerful sword. He's got Mao's evility, making him stronger when you have more people deployed. He's got all Mao's skills except for Vasa Aergun, which is at least a mercy. The entire map comes down to being able to kill Dark Mao before he wipes you out, if you can do that the rest of the map should fall into place. Stock up on healing items in case you get separated from someone who can heal, and make sure Sapphire has Giga Heal. You will NEED heals of that size, because Dark Mao can hit that hard. Do not be afraid to go grind heavily for this matchup.

Pay especial attention to the music in the upcoming scene. I think it's really well used, again especially when it gets to Here Comes Mao at the end.

Drama- Death's Path Outro

Let me make this clear. You're the one who raised me. All the grudges and hatred in your heart made me grow quick.
But that's not all! Someone had to purposely raise you, as well! Someone who brought you up with exquisite care!
Heh, you're sharp. Pretty good.
Could it be, Geoffrey? Was it the Super Hero!?
Heh heh heh, he gave me so much. And each time, I got stronger!
But you became even stronger… You ended up getting an even stronger power than pure evil, damn you.
What power was that?
Oh, come on. If you keep acting stubborn like this, I'm gonna end up coming out again.
See ya. I'll always be inside your heart, waiting to take over your body. You can just thank Almazie this time.

And even now, see…? I can't shed a single tear for you…
It's always like this. An iron lump gets stuck in my heart… And even if I want to get it out, it just won't…
Haha… See, Almaz. It's just as I said. Here I am, saddened by your death.
What am I supposed to do without you now? I don't know. I just don't know…
Though… The one who's most troubled must be you, having to have died for me…
I'm sorry, Almaz… I'm so, so, sorry…
Ehhh! Why can't I cry!?
Princess, stop it! If you keep pinching your cheeks, you'll ruin your pretty face! Mao, tell her to stop!
…Hmph. He really died, huh? Stupid Almaz.
Mao!? You're still saying that!?

What a fool! You didn't even keep your promise!
Did you forget!? I said you were my servant forever. You… betrayer!
How dare you say that about the Fake Hero who risked his life for you!
Yes, how dare you lash out at the dead!
Hold on, girls…
You're right, Mao… This hero was a big dumbass.
He left behind a precious friend…
Almaz…! You really are a big fool!
Err… Damn you! You left behind an unwanted feeling! I don't need an emotion like this!
If this was going to happen, it would have been better that I didn't even know…
How will you take responsibility for this!? You're my servant, aren't you!? I didn't give you permission to die!
This is an order, Almaz! Return to life, immediately!

This isn't heaven, but it's not hell, either.
Okay… So, why are you here?
Almaz, thanks to you, I found the courage to trust others, and believe in myself.
…Huh? No way. Why would Mao say something like that? Wait, so is this a dream?
Let me return to you the courage you had lent to me. Give me your hand…
Huh? This is… my hero title? Why is it here?
…Thank you, Hero Almaz. My… friend…

Yes, that would be me…
Are you really Almaz?
I could check my underwear if you'd like.
I'm so glad! Almaz, you revived…
Oh. So you can cry, Princess?
…Huh? I'm crying!? These are tears… I'm crying right now…
Yes, Princess.
Haha… I was so sad but couldn't cry, and now I'm happy and crying. This is so weird.
*sniff * *hic * Haha. It won't stop…
Are you okay?
I am… because you came back! *sniff * *hic *

Almaz, you look… a little different. Let me look at your face more carefully.
Hrmm. Your eyes, your mouth…
Princess… Isn't this a little too close?
Huh? Could it be…? You turned back into a human?
System Message: Almaz has regained his title of Hero!
Oh, Almaz. You got your title of hero back?
Well it seems that way.
Which means, it happened?
Hm, it happened.
…Huh!? What are you looking at me for?
Hehehe. Sir Mao, it seems that you finally opened your heart.

But I'll overlook it today.
Now, let us celebrate with a dark stew party! No spice can be better than an open heart! Eat up, boom!
Don't get me wrong! I didn't open up my heart!
It's not funny! Because of you, nobody understands me!
Hero… I knew you could do it. Now, no one can call you a Fake Hero.
I'm proud to be your friend. But seriously, gimme an autograph later.
Indeed. Now you're officially a hero. Congratulations. Splendid work, Hero Almaz.
Yes, my lady! Thank you, Princess!
Listen to me! I'll say it one more time! I didn't open up my heart!

This is it, the final episode preview, and it evokes the original Disgaea's final preview.

Drama- Episode 7 Ending

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Super Battle: We Might As Well Go All In