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Part 35: Super Battle

Last time on Disgaea 3 Almaz became a Hero! Today, we have a tiny short little update that tells us where we're about to be headed.

Drama- Final Episode Intro

Your plan sounds perfect… But do you even know where he is?
Of course, my heart is telling me. There is only one place he would choose as the stage for the final battle!
And that is…?
Ground Zero… My house, the Dean's Office, you know the Overlord's Castle!
Sounds about right. Very appropriate for the final stage. Hehehe, it's starting to get steamy.
Of course, he has no right to choose. "Demons must take every advantage they can." I will make him follow me.
You can just say you want us to come. Hehe, you're still so stubborn.
Even if his heart is open, it seems his hardcore, twisted personality can't be cured.
I told you, my heart's not open! How many times do I have to repeat it?

Don't you think you're addressing me a little too casually, ex-Fake Hero?
No matter how far I go, I'll never escape the "Fake", huh?
Luckily, it doesn't bother me too much. But we can't leave the Super Hero alone like this.
Indeed. Then let's go… My servants.
Not servants. Friends, right?
Shut up! Come on, let's go.
Hyahyahyahya, let the rain fall and the ground harden. Now, only the main course remains. Eat up carefully.

The difficulty of the game increases substantially at this point. It's very possible I'll go to two updates a week, because I'll need to grind quite a bit here. I've already beaten the first map, but the second isn't going to be doable at my present levels because that's when it throws  another Diez Gentleman  at you. Between the remaining four maps there are six boss level enemies, just to throw that out there.

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Contempt