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Part 38: Super Showdown

Last time on Disgaea 3 we battled the Diez Gentleman Prinny Mask. Today, we face off against not one but three Diez Gents AND the Super Hero all at once. It's going to be a circus.

I strongly suggest you watch these scenes. You really miss out on Aurum's shit if you don't listen to how the lines are delivered, the actor does an amazing job.

Drama- Super Hero's Desire Intro

…It's possible that Dad wishes for me to lose…
Mao, I thought about it, but…

But I have no business with a demon who's lost his evil heart. I can't even allow you to exist.
Mao, you're just a weak child that failed to become the strongest Overlord.
What's with you always ranting about me being the strongest? Why do you care so much about some strongest Overlord?
Hahaha, have you forgotten?

In the past…

Are there no more strong Overlords left, anywhere? Without an Overlord, I… I…
…No, I should just stop looking for impossible dreams. I should just end it with this…
Ack! What was that power!? To blast away me, the Super Hero?
…Heheheh …Hahahaha! I see! So that's it! My adventures won't end yet!
I am a hero! And the strongest Overlord… is YOU!

By the time I realized and got there, I saw only the ghost of our Overlord, and you, unconscious…
What actually happened back then? I felt anger in the pit of my stomach… And then a furious beam of light…
That's right. That fearful, potential power you showed me… I was charmed by it.
In that young visage of yours, I saw the image of the strongest Overlord who would ever live.
And that's why you became Mr. Geoffrey and schemed up a bunch of stuff to bring out Mao's potential powers…
Indeed. 200 years… it was so long, but felt like nothing when I thought about fighting the strongest Overlord…
But now that my dream's been shattered, it was the biggest waste of time ever!
So you took the effort to raise an Overlord with your very own hands, just so you could defeat him?
What kind of nerves do you have? It's beyond honor student level.
You just wanted to maintain your pride by defeating Mao, the greatest Overlord. Shameless… What a despicable hero.
Yeah. I'm ashamed to admit I used to think he was a good badass role model…

And someone with quite a disturbed mind, might I add.
There are still many who praise you in the human world. I wonder what they'd think if they knew the truth.
Hahaha… But it couldn't be helped. There was no one to fight.
Almaz… I'll ask you again… what does a hero need?
…Courage. And a heart full of love and justice.
No, you're wrong! What a hero needs is evil! A villain!
A hero in a time of peace is just a normal person! He's soon forgotten in the eyes of the public!
Only when an evil threat to mankind appears, will the public look to the hero and be thankful for his actions!
The stronger the enemy, the more evil the demon, the more grateful the people are for the hero! That is the truth!
Understand? In the end, a hero only exists when there is evil to fight! Without a villain, they cannot shine!
But that's… …It's wrong to think like that!
I've never seen such a crazy bastard, ese! And to think we were brainwashed by him…

The people would never want a hero like that. Besides, the human world already has a new hero. Hero Almaz, right?
Princess… Yes.
…You see, though I may seem calm, I am very furious right now.
I will make you pay for your sins of driving Almaz to the brink of death, and trying to destroy the human world.
Hahahaha. Oh don't gang up and bully me now. It was all necessary. All of it.
…Hmph. I stay quiet and listen, and you continue to blab. It was only you alone that wanted any of this.
Was a hero such a dinky existence that you couldn't shine without an enemy?
Were you so pitiful that you had to watch out for what the people thought, and be afraid of being forgotten?
Is it a hero's job to raise an enemy just to make yourself look greater? Did you want praise for your efforts?
You…! You dare insult me, the Super Hero!?
Shut up, you fool! You're no hero, nor human! You're just miserable evil who's clutching to distorted justice.
The human world is what you should've been protecting! The moment you stopped, you lost the right to be a hero!

Huh! That's…!
For those whom you must protect, for things precious to you, a hero squeezes out every bit of courage he has…
Yes… A guy like this Almaz is the true hero, don't you think!?
What!? Me?
No one can rival my hero research. And I came to this conclusion. Do you object?
Ah, nope. Hehe, I'm honored.
Heh heh heh… A hero's oath, huh? Those were just words I made up to sell my comic books.
…It looks like the hero I admired and hoped to become no longer exists.
Yeah. A guy like this isn't even worth defeating. But as a demon, I need to get back at him for everything he did.
Heh heh heh, in the end, power speaks louder in this world. Whoever wins claims the justice.
If you wish to prove me wrong, you shall have to kill me! The Super Hero!

Map- Super Hero's Desire

The rest of Disgaea 3's main game isn't about tricks, it's about raw power. We're up against Aurum, Beyond X, Shyrone, and Gorillian. Aurum is just like he was back in Mao's Heart, he has a copy of Mao's main evility and the nastily powerful attack Demon Slayer X. Beyond X is a mage with access to fire magic. She's got the least health but she takes half damage from male units. Gorillian is a ninja with swords that has an evility like Fubuki's passive in Disgaea 2 that makes his attacks drain SP. Shyrone looks like a gunslinger but uses fists. What we want to do is throw Gorillian into the tile diagonal from Beyond X and Aurum so that we can hit all three with Vasa Aergun. Then we want to unleash a huge combo with the rest of our party on the three of them, focusing as much firepower on Aurum himself as possible. We'd really love to kill all three this turn, but that might not be possible. If you haven't killed at least Aurum and Gorillian by the end of your second turn chances are you're going to peter out before you finish the map off.

Drama- Super Hero's Desire Outro

We defeated him? The Super Hero…
Kiiiiaaaahhhh! Your minds are as dull as sauceless pasta. Feeling strong is your greatest weakness.
Heh heh heh heh… Seeing you happy, thinking you actually won. You truly are failures.
Hmph! You still hide a secret spice?
Correct. Isn't it standard for the last boss in a game like this to transform into his final form?
Tsk! Damn you for using such a convenient game mechanic! Can't you fight fair?
Well, well. You sure do bark a lot. Already feeling like a beaten dog?
To have died protecting a failure of a son like you… What a fool your father must have been…
What!? Protecting… me? …Dad?
The Century Killer… The Overlord didn't use his final attack when he fought me.
Well, to be honest, he couldn't use it.
…Why not?
Even an evil Overlord was foolish enough to worry about hurting his son, who was nearby, if he used his final move.
…Even if you attacked his weak spot, Dad would never lose to you. That's what I believed, so that's why I told you…
But I didn't expect him to have a weakness there… The truth can be ironic…

Hahahaha! You thoughtless hero… A cruel Overlord is a bright red lie, even redder than the ripest tomato!
A lie? You mean all the evil deeds that are told in the human and Netherworld are all false!?
That's right. It was all misinformation. An urban legend we told to keep us safe from stupid heroes!
You sure seem to know a lot, Master.
I am like soup stock, the silent force behind the scenes! An undercover teacher under orders from our Overlord!
In case anything happened, he left me to take care of the rest. So I looked into the abnormal changes on campus!
That was a quick wrap up…
The Overlord wished for a peaceful Netherworld. He wanted a world where demons could enjoy a carefree life.
He was indeed the strongest Overlord. And at the same time, he was the greatest Demon King.
How mighty foolish! An Overlord should always be cruel and evil! Peace!?
If they don't want destruction, they shouldn't be an Overlord!
Wh, wh, wh, what is this peaceful life? There's a limit to foolishness! And he was way beyond it!
Yeah. How foolish it was…
Dad, distracted by his son, defeated simply because he was going easy… And his son who let it happen…
How seriously stupid!

Mao! Keep your cool! If you do this, you lose!
Uh, should I stab him? Make him faint?

Damn! It's stronger than before…! I don't think we'll be enough!
Everyone! Lend us your power!
Yes, my Lady! We were waiting for this moment!
We finally get to show off our friendship power!
My, my. What a troublesome brat.
Why hit diamonds with diamonds? That will only crush them both. Look to the reeds for guidance!
The strength you showed me was nothing like this! I know your heart trusts your friends! Isn't that your power!?
I command you! Show me your true strength!
Er, rrrhhhh…!!
Yes! Everyone's unique flavors are blending together and rushing in! Just one more push, boom!
We can do it, too!
We'll risk our lives to stop the boss, homes!
Our heart, our guts… Now's the time to show them to our boss!
Get ready for the most electrifying move in Beheading Kenpo!
Right, as an educator… Please join me, members of the PTA!

You guys are too close! It's stuffy in here!
I'm so glad, you're back to normal!
Well, after being shoved into that stuffy crowd, anyone would come to their senses.
Hehehe, then you better remember that stuffiness was friendship.
Hehe. Though it did smell a little of sweat.
Khkhkh… Hahahaha! Mao! You are a failure beyond help!
You blew your last chance to beat me for that lame sentimental crap!
The only way to open the path to victory is to unleash the pure evil within you!
I don't need a power like that! I won't be fooled by your stupid schemes anymore!

What!? What is this power!? It's not the same as before! It's not the power of evil!
Don't you know!? A new power flows from the inside of my heart! It's the power that you have forgotten!
You shall see! Haaaaaahhhh!
What is this!? I don't know this power!
No! That's not true! It's a power you once had… The power of love and friendship!
No it's not! Stop embarrassing me! It's not what he just said!
This is the energy of the unknown cosmos that had been asleep within me! It has nothing to do with love OR friendship!
Haha, a power I've forgotten? Such nonsense…
Alright then. Go die with your lame dreams.
…But before that, I'll let you Save. We will settle this in the next area.
(Huh? If we continued the fight now, he would have had the advantage. Why…?)
(I don't get it.)

Next Time on Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice