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Part 16: It's too much to ask for that someone normal shows up for once.

Chapter 13: It's too much to ask for that someone normal shows up for once.

Last time on Let's Play Disgaea, things were looking pretty bad. We were about to get rocked in our faces by the deadly Alternate Overlord when a mysterious voice came out of nowhere.

But who could it be?

Prince! Let us handle this!
We've been waiting here in case our help was needed.
You were here to ambush the Prince just like the others, isn't that right?
Ah, ah, ahahahahahaha! O-Of course not! Oh, come now.
...Looks like you hit the nail on the head.
Why is it that I don't have any luck with vassals...?
Come, now. We were here to help you in your time of need, right?
Only because you were waiting to ambush me!
Hey! Quit ignoring me!!
I'll send you all to join Krichevskoy!
Prepare yourselves!!
Hmph...! Don't underestimate us!
We will defeat you in the name of Overlord Krichevskoy!!

This fight is as one sided as the last, but now it's our side that's a rapetrain.

Krichevskoy's vassals absolutely destroy the Alternate Overlord. There's almost no way to lose this map unless you do something ridiculous.

With that out of the way, let's move on.

Map 5: Nightdwellers

Map 5: Nightdwellers

...Please, someone normal come out.
Hey, Etna! How about we do our own poses!?
You serious?
You better believe it!
Um... But, I have a question for you guys.
A question? Go ahead, shoot!
You call yourselves "Prism Rangers", but you only have 3 colors. That's not even enough for a rainbow.
Isn't it obvious? We don't have any friends!
Being a hero is a lonely existence!! You got it!?
Are you sure there's not another reason why you don't have any friends?
...You guys are heroes, aren't you? Why would you want to become Overlords?
We want friends, of course! If we become the Overlords, then we'll have tons of friends!!
And the Prism Rangers will have all the colors of the rainbow!!

This can't be happening! Blue and Yellow have been shot...! I can't transform on my own...!
Curse you! Shooting before we even have a chance to transform... How inconsiderate!
Are you demons!?
Uh huh.
Oh my gosh! I completely forgot about that!
...Is your helmet on too tight?
You should have transformed first, then come out.
That's not how it's supposed to be! A true defender of justice transforms in front of the enemy!
...Flonne, which side are you on?
Then, I'll just have to play my ace card! The demons I hired will help me!
Is it okay for a hero to be using demons?
Of course! Justice must never lose, no matter what the means!
Blue! Yellow! Your deaths have awakened a burning passion in my heart!
Uh, I avoided hitting any vital spots, so they should still be alive...
Evil fiends! Are you ready!?
Face the power of justice!!

So, that's what Prism Red's stats look like. He's not nearly as tough as, say, Sardia was, but he comes with a bunch of friends so it's a reasonable fight. Prism Red's not the real problem, though. It's that goddamn Geo effect that covers the whole map, Warp. Watch the video to see exactly how annoying Warp is. It randomly teleports people around every turn. What's more, the Symbol has a lot of health and the random warping makes it hard to get people to it. I just suck it up and deal with the warping in the video. You could tower throw to it and try to dispose of it if you were inclined to do so.

Map 6: Heart of Evil

Boss Battle: Heart of Evil

No one's here.
Which means...
Now, hold it right there!!
Hey, it's Mid-Boss again.
What do you want? I'm busy right now.
Tsk tsk tsk.
You weren't thinking of calling yourself the Overlord without first settling things with moi, were you?
I already settled things with you. Twice, as a matter of fact.
Silly you. Did you think that I was serious?
Weren't you?
Not at all!! That was merely camouflage... so that you would let your guard down.

Can your eyes keep up with moi?
Here I come! The throne is mine!!

So, let's check out how Mid-Boss has been doing since last time.

He's a fair amount more powerful since Episode 4. He's not the most annoying thing on the map, though. You start surrounded by Pucks. They have an attack called Demon Breath that hits a line of three squares in front of them for damage and has a chance to sleep. It's quite annoying. Kill them as quickly as you can and don't bunch up to avoid being AoE'd down. Then lure in the Gargoyles and finally Mid-Boss.

Sudden stomach cramps...!!
Just when I was getting started... I, I beg your pardon, but I need to use the restroom.
Consider yourselves lucky. You've been spared.
Au revoir!!
He ran away...
His excuses are getting more and more pathetic.
Huh? So... is that it?
That means...
I'm the Overlord!!
Overlord! Overlord!! Overlord!!!
Hmmm... The Prince is now the Overlord...
It's sooooo hard to believe.
*giggle* Now, now.
Look at him. He is so happy...
He pretends to be evil, but he can be cute sometimes.
You think? He's just a kid, that's all.
Anyway, shouldn't you be worried?
Huh? What do you mean?
You helped the Prince become the Overlord.

How can I not make a commotion!?
Laharl, the son of King Krichevskoy, has been crowned the new Overlord!
That's not all! That trainee Flonne helped him win the throne!
...Is that so?
This is no longer a case of disobeying orders. This is treason!
You are correct.
...So, what are you planning to do!?
Hmmm... I will need to think about it.
Think about it? Think about it, you say!? This is a grave matter!!
We can't just ignore it! I will handle this problem! You have no objections, do you!?
*sigh* ...Oh, dear...

I might be dismissed form my Angel Trainee position!
Who cares? Why don't you change jobs now and become a demon?
Oh, Master Lamington! Please guide me!

Overlord! Overlord!! Overlord!!!

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