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Part 17: Apparently it's the Overlord's job to help assholes.

Chapter 14: Apparently it's the Overlord's job to help assholes.

Last time on Disgaea, Prince Laharl finally became the Overlord! Today, we find out exactly what it is that Overlords do all day.

Video: Episode 7 Intro

How can I not?
I'm now the Overlord. That means that I'm the most eminent demon in all of the Netherworld.
I'm aware of that.
But, ever since you have become the Overlord, you have done nothing but laugh.
You don't understand a thing. Laughing is a very important aspect of being the Overlord.
Besides, there isn't any urgent matter that's suitable for my first act as King Laharl the Terrible.
Oh Prince. I got a job for ya.
Call me "Your Highness". I'm the Overlord now.
Oh, come on... That's a minor detail.
MINOR detail...?
...So, what kind of job is it?

Uhh... No.
Come in, Aramis.

Don't call me a kid. You're more of a kid yourself.
What!? Who the hell do you think I am!?
Now, now. He is just a child.
Shut up, flat-chest.
*gasp* I mustn't!
At times like this, love is the answer! With love, there is understanding!
Hey, does she have a few screws loose or somethin'?
Hmph...! You've got some attitude, kid.
Just like you, Prince.
Yeah, right. So, what's he got to do with the job?
Oh, yeah. His pets are missing.
And your job's to look for them.
Why would I, the Overlord, look for some stupid little brat's pets!?
Ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous!!
Bring me something more fitting for my first task as Overlord!!
I refuse!!

Answer me! Will you do it or not?
Ugh... F,Fine! I'll do it, I'll do it.
Good! ...And you better not slack off!
Ugh...! Why am I, the Overlord of the Netherworld, taking orders from this annoying brat...?

Before anyone asks, I'm 95% sure Aramis is one of Etna's vassals.

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