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Part 25: Captain Gordon! He's our hero! Gonna take the Overlord down to zero!

Chapter 20: Captain Gordon! He's our hero! Gonna take the Overlord down to zero!

Last time on Disgaea, Laharl ran into Jennifer and Thursday, the greatest robot of all time. This time the ultimate showdown commences: Hero versus Overlord!

Map 3: Sphere VIII

...That's right! Jennifer! Thursday!
Hmmm... It appears that we've been separated.
They haven't been captured by the Overlord have they!?
Even with Thursday's 200,000 horsepower engine, he can't take on the Overlord alone!!
I can't just sit here! I've got to save them!
Jennifer, hang in there!

Not pictured is the fact that, not seconds after Gordon scampers off like a rabbit with ADD, Laharl and the gang including Jennifer and Thursday show up. Yeah, Gordon's not so big on thinking.

This map gives you a bunch of red Atk and Def + 50% tiles to stand on. There's some weak brawlers near you, and some stronger ones far away. It's just a matter of brute force.

Map 4: Cross-Point

You really don't have plans to invade the earth?
Earth is that rotten planet where humans foolishly pollute their own environment, correct?
Why would I be interested in that?
...You may be right, but the earth is still our home.
That's why Gordon and I risk our lives to protect it.
I always believed that was the right thing to do...
I don't know what to believe now.
It doesn't seem like you're lying, Harlie. But, I don't want to think that my fellow earthlings are lying to me, either.
What makes you think I'm not lying? I AM a demon.
I can tell by looking into your eyes. I believe you because your eyes are pure.
I don't know if it's pure good or pure evil, though *chuckle*
Hmph! Nonsense.
(That man's eyes... Are they pure right now...?)
Well, either way, we have to find Gordon and uncover the truth, or else... Something terrible might happen.

Huhhhhh? Why? It'd be fun!
Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry. *sigh* What's with you serious types...

So, there's a trick to this map. It's entirely covered in Green except for one square, that has a Silence Symbol on it. You want to tower throw over to that symbol and get it onto the green, because the ghosts here are nasty spellcasters who will rock you hard if you don't silence them. Tossing a healer or something over onto the one empty panel is gravy. I used Flonne because if they'd come after her she can take a hit and she heals for more health in one go than 99% of my people have with Mega Heal.

Map 5: Primordial Soup

Episode 9 Boss Battle and Drama

Gordon! Gordon! Where are you!?
Hahahahahaha!! A familiar voice! Is that you, Jennifer!?
You must have been through hell. But, have no fear! Captain Gordon is here!


...Flonne, you got a wide strike zone.
Are you alright, Jennifer?
Hm!? Who are these children!?
How dare you call me a child! I am the Overlord!
You? The Overlord!?
Hahahahaha!! Quit joking around.
You haven't even gone through puberty...

It's about time you came to your senses.
I, Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth, shall put an end to your evil ambition of invading Earth!!
P,Please wait.
Shut up, villainess!!
Laharl! This rude stranger isn't a hero, nor is he a defender of anything!
Let's kick his sorry butt!
...That didn't take long.
We're in agreement this time, Flonne.

Tch! Fine! A hero never backs down from a fight!
Gordon, listen...
No need to worry, Jennifer.
I eat guys like him for breakfast! Thursday and I can handle this by ourselves!
All you have to do is believe in Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth, like always!!
Haaahahahahaha!! It's a deal, then!! Here I come, Defender of Earth!!
Come on, Overlord! I'll protect the earth at any price!!
Thursday!! Back me up!

Okay, so let's talk about what just happened, because it might not make sense unless you think back to last update. We know Laharl has no intention of invading earth. But remember, it's an Overlord's duty to humiliate heroes, which is why we're actually doing this. Oh, and Gordon's a complete tool and doesn't listen to Jennifer despite the fact that she's a hell of a lot more competent than him.

Here's Gordon and Thursday.

Gang up on one, preferably Thursday, then drop the other. Thursday's preferable because he's got less health and, while he's got crazy defense, magic will still drop him like a rock. Plus, he hits harder than Gordon does. There's very little strategy to this fight.

Oh, and if you're wondering what I'm doing in the video, Braveheart boosts your attack by 20% for each casting of it.

Oh no... What have I done? I have injured a human...
I... inadvertently...
Inadvertently my butt...
Flonne, lately you've been acting more and more like us demons, huh?
N, No I haven't...
But, if the Seraph finds out...

Flonne has killed a human in the Netherworld!!
What? Flonne killed a human?
That's right! Even if she is a trainee, an angel harming a human is a grave sin!!
Is this forgivable!? No, such a sin cannot be forgiven!!
...But still, that is odd. Why would a human be in the Netherworld?
W, Well...
At any rate, I will make sure that Flonne is captured!!
I'll be using some of the troops. I have your permission, correct?
...Very well. I shall leave it to you, Vulcanus.
Yes, sir!

That's right, we just got Gordon, Jennifer, and Thursday! So, a word on them before the preview. Gordon's a master of guns, and is also good with axes. We might give him an axe after we've gotten him to 30 gun mastery for no immediately sensible reason. Jennifer is, believe it or not, a master of Kung Fu, and therefore specializes in Fists. Thursday is a monster class character with some very nice skills. He also has the highest Aptitudes in the game. I guess I should explain. Each class has Aptitudes that control how much of an equipped item's bonus they get. The story characters are pretty much all 100% in everything. Most generics are either weaker in a stat or a bit stronger. Thursday gets 150% of the stats from whatever he equips. He can also steal stats like a Thief. He's pretty awesome for a monster.

Now, on to Etna's preview, with special guest Captain Gordon!

Episode 10 Preview

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