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Part 26: Lalala! Picnic at the Sea of Gehenna!

Chapter 21: Lalala! Picnic at the Sea of Gehenna!

Last time on Disgaea, Captain Gordon and his crew joined us! Today, we continue the adventures of Captain Gordon in the Netherworld!

Episode 10 Intro Drama

Gordon! After that, make dinner!
*huff* *huff* ...!
(What humiliation! The Defender of Earth working for the Overlord! I can't apologize enough to my predecessors!)
Hmmmmmm? You look unhappy.
Don't tell me that a hero would break his promise, now.
(A hero never breaks a promise!
All I can do is endure this!
As long as my faith does not falter, hope remains!!
I've got it! I'll just pretend to obey him!
And when he lets his guard down, I'll escape back to Earth!
Alright! I just need to have patience! Good thinking, Gordon!)

Morning, Harlie.
I told you not to call me that!
Why not? It's cuter that way.
Etna and Flonne are going to show me around the Netherworld, and we're gonna have a picnic.
Why don't you come along, Harlie? We made a great lunch!
You must be joking, Jennifer! I, the Defender of Earth, am working, and you, my assistant, are picnicking?
But Gordon, today's Sunday. It's a day off for everybody.
Well, that's true, but...

Hey! You traitor!
There you have it, Gordon. We'll leave the chores to you.
...So, where should we go?
It's her first time in the Netherworld, so how about the Sea of Gehenna?
Why!? It's so hot over there.
What kind of place is it?
It's a big tourist spot. Since you're new to the Netherworld, you have to go check it out!
Is there a souvenir shop around?
Um, it's not exactly the kind of place that sells souvenirs...
If it's souvenirs you're looking for, try Sphinx's on Sacrifice Street. They've got nice mummy heads, see?
Oh! How adorable!
Hey! That's the Nether Year 666 Limited Edition model! I want one!
Heheh, too bad.
Okay, today it's a picnic at the Sea of Gehenna, and tomorrow it's shopping on Sacrifice Street.
Sounds like a plan!
I'm in!

I will never, ever allow those women to go picnicking on their own!
That's a great idea! We should do it!
It's not like we'd be going on a picnic, going lalala. Someone has to protect them!
Right, let's go!
(*snicker* Here's my chance!
I'll sneak off and escape during the picnic!)

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