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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

by Feinne

Part 29: Archangel Vulcanus' evil plot revealed!

Chapter 24: Archangel Vulcanus' evil plot revealed!

Last time on Let's Play Disgaea, Gordon realized they're stuck in the Netherworld. Today, we get to discover Archangel Vulcanus' nefarious plot!

Episode 11 Intro

You're...! Is there something you want?
No, I just came to make sure that you weren't backing out of this.
We are preparing to launch the attack. Our fleet of space carriers was constructed using the most advanced technology.
If your information is correct, then there is no way we can lose.
*grunt* That's good to know. I'm counting on you.
That angel... What does he hope to gain, giving us information about the Netherworld...?
No, now is not the time for second guessing! The earth is breathing its last breath.
All ships prepare for takeoff! Earth Defense Force, move out!!

I must find a way to return to Earth! At this rate, I'll have no choice but to accept a job as Slayer of the Netherworld.
Hmmmmm. Is there any way...
Oh, yeah! The EDF!! When I don't return according to schedule, they'll surely come to rescue me!!
Alright! A ray of hope!!
Hey, was that supposed to be you talking to yourself? I could hear every word you said.
Gordon, you you really think the EDF will come to rescue us?
Of course I do! I have faith in them!
Prince, Prince.
What? Something wrong?
You've received a challenge.
What!? From who!?
Get ready for this: it's from the Defender of Earth!
What'd you say!?
That's strange... I don't remember writing a challenge...
What's it say?

...Okay! Let's go!
It's our duty as Overlord, again?
That's right. I'll pound him into submission and make him my vassal!
Rejoice, Gordon! It looks like you'll be meeting a new friend! Haaahahahaha!!

Next time on Let's Play Disgaea: The game is officially starting to play rough.

I'm also going to start the Unfair NIS Trivia Challenge here very soon. I'll come up with questions on ridiculous minutiae and see if anyone can actually manage to answer. It'll be fun, or some close approximation.