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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

by Feinne

Part 32: The War of the Netherworld begins!

Chapter 27: The War of the Netherworld begins!

Last time on Disgaea we battled the First Defender of the Earth. Today, the War of the Netherworld begins!

Episode 12 Intro

But whenever there's one, something big always happens.
Hmhmhm... I wonder what catastrophe will happen this time.
P, Prince! Several giant objects have appeared at the Stellar Graveyard, dood!
That was quick. ...How many?
Dood, there's billions of 'em!
You hear that, Jennifer? The EDF is here to save us!
We can go home!
Wait, Gordon. We can't be so sure.
Even if it was the EDF, why would they send so many ships?
Oh, come on. Why are you being so pessimistic? It's not like you.
Well, why don't we go check it out?
I agree. Sitting here won't do any good.
Alright then! To the Stellar Graveyard!

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