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Part 33: Betrayal in the Stellar Graveyard: The EDF invades!

Chapter 28: Betrayal in the Stellar Graveyard: The EDF invades!

Last time on Disgaea, we set out to investigate strange happenings at the Stellar Graveyard. Today we meet the EDF head on!

We have detected giant objects in the "Stellar Graveyard II".
I feel great power... Prince, be careful.
There's no power greater than mine. Just relax and wait for my return.

Map 1: Embryon

I told you, Jennifer! Just like I said!
Hmmm. I've never seen so many humans all at once.
So, what'd they come all the way here for?
Aren't they here to rescue Mr. Gordon?
Don't you think they're acting kind of strange, though?
*muffled breathing*
What's wrong? Your beloved hero is right here!
*muffled breathing*
H, Hey! Guys!
It's me! Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!!
Not very popular, are you?
Poor Mr. Gordon...

But, they don't seem all that impressed.
Gordon, we've been used...
Used? What do you mean, Jennifer?
They asked us to defeat the Overlord, but their true purpose was to secure a route to the Netherworld...
What are you saying, Jennifer!?
They're risking their lives to save us! How can you accuse them of...!
But, Gordon... Can't you see...?
Enough of this! I don't want to hear it!
I'm shocked and disappointed in you! I hereby dismiss you from your duties as my assistant!
...I see.
I must have faith in the people of Earth! Unfaltering, unwavering faith!
It's my duty as Defender of Earth! Right, guys!?
Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth... You are to be terminated...
...Sucks to be you.
"All the kinds love me," huh. Right...
Poor Mr. Gordon...
Hey, wait! What are you doing!?

So, all the enemies in this chapter but the boss at the end are EDF soldiers. Let's take a look at their stats.

If you haven't played Disgaea, take my word for the fact that they have absolutely piss-awful SP and Res. What does this mean? It means that magic cuts through these poor bastards like a hot knife through butter. If you have Omega spells and a good staff you can come close to one shotting them even if they're not weak against the spell school. They're good with guns and axes, just like Gordon. This map has green panels in the 'ooze' that do 20% damage to your units if they end their turn in them.

Duh, they stabbed you in the back. You're slow!

Muhahahaha!! With your help securing a route, we were able to make it here unchallenged.
Now, the Netherworld will be ours!
I thank you, Defenders of Earth! Muhahahaha!!
Oh my god! We were being used!?
Ummm... Are you just realizing that, now?
Aren't you happy, Flonne? There's someone even dumber than you.
Ha, hahahahaha!! I knew of their plan all along!
Gordon, you were a splendid pawn.
I will tell the people of Earth that Captain Gordon died valiantly while fighting the Overlord.
That is the least I can do for you.
Well then, Gordon, so long. Muhahahaha!!
Hmm... There are some promising humans out there.
I was thinking the same thing. Should we try to recruit him?
Will you stop joking around!? This is a serious matter!
J, Jennifer...?

Awww... Poor Miss Jennifer...!
J, Jennifer... About that dismissal...
...It's okay, Gordon.
I deserved to be dismissed...
Ohhhhhhhhh...! I'm so sorry, Jennifer...!

Map 2: Core Point No.4

How cool! A rival has made his appearance! Look, look!
Yeah, yeah. Calm down.
My goal was to defeat you, Gordon, but it seems I've overestimated you.
Huh!? What do you mean!?
I assumed that you had completed your mission and defeated the Overlord.
I came here to settle things with you.
But, look at the facts. You've failed your mission, and even worse, you've become the Overlord's slave.
I'm embarrassed to call you my rival!
He's right. That IS embarrassing.
You don't have the right to call yourself "Defender of Earth", nor the right to fight me!
...So long.
Kurtis, wait!
You're right. I didn't complete my mission.
And in your eyes, it may seem that my current predicament is rather... pathetic.
...What's he talking about? It IS pathetic.
Shh! It's getting good!

*muffled breathing*
I'll be waiting for you, Captain Gordon.
Don't lose to these bunch of soldiers...

And there's the coolest character in the game. God Kurtis is awesome.

Anyway, let's look at this map. It's pretty nasty on a couple fronts.

Yeah, that's right. Any of your characters that ends their turn on the green panels dies. No ifs, ands, or buts. What's worse, the whole map is covered in Silence, which favors those EDF jerks since they're weak against magic and have no SP to use specials even if they did have them. However, the solution is oh so simple. Two throws each can get two fast characters in range to throw the To Red Silence Symbol onto the green then throw an EDF onto it. This will cook off all the Ally Damage symbols, damage the whole map for about 180 points, and give you about 5 bonus meter. But you can heal and they can't, so the damage is hardly a problem. I'd also like to give a shout out to the Weapon Mastery 15 sword skill Nightsever, because with it and my new level 10 Evil Thwarter I can kill EDF troopers in one hit (it does about 1k damage to them).

Next time on Let's Play Disgaea: Showdown in the Stellar Graveyard- Defender vs. Defender!