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Part 37: Gordon and Kurtis: The True Defender's Burning Spirit!

Chapter 32: Gordon and Kurtis: The True Defender's Burning Spirit!

Last time on Disgaea, we infiltrated the Battleship Gargantua after destroying the EDF fleet. Today, we battle Kurtis, Defender of Earth!

Map 4: Main Corridor 3

Main Corridor 3: Episode 13 Boss Battle

I knew the hordes of security guards wouldn't be enough to stop you.
I thought you might like to know... It's been 5 years now since I lost my wife and daughter... And with them, my soul...
Hey, he's giving us his life story.
Should we... attack now?
No, we have to listen! The rival always has a tragic past.
... May I continue?
Oh, please, by all means.
As I was saying... It's been 5 years since I lost my wife and daughter... And with them, my soul...
Back then, I was a top scientist, burning with a passion to save the earth...
If it wasn't for that fateful incident...
Five years ago...?
As a result of the explosion in the lab, I lost my family and 70% of my body.
A group of anti-space development terrorists were to blame...
You mean your wife and daughter were victims of that incident!?
That's right... You caught the culprits, but what comfort would that do to me?
I swore to my wife and child! Since the Defender of Earth couldn't do his job, I would take his place!
And I became a cyborg to do just that!
What good is the Defender of Earth if he can't save innocent people!?
A true defender would do anything in his power to save as many people as possible!
I can't accept anything less!

So that's it... I didn't know you had such a past, Kurtis.
It was all due to my failings. ...Forgive me.
But, what you're doing now, Kurtis, is not the right way!
What!? I'm fighting for the sake of humanity!!
Invading the Netherworld might save the earth...
...but it would require many sacrifices! Is that what you really want!? Is that really for the sake of Earth!?
You should know best what it feels like to be a victim, Kurtis!
What will your wife and daughter think, up in heaven!?
I am the Defender of Earth!
My duty is to right what is wrong! Even if it means that I must face a comrade-in-arms!

Don't let the video fool you, this is one of the hardest mission in Disgaea if you don't know it's coming. I spent hours getting ready for this bastard thing. First off, Kurtis has eaten his Wheaties since last time.

What's more, the entire map is covered in Enemy Boost +150%. The symbols are each at the end of short hallways with three EDF troopers near them. The right way to deal with them is to throw someone over the EDF's heads and have that person walk over and throw the symbol onto the EDF with the lightsaber. Then you pray you're high enough level to weather the crushing counterattack when you have to end your turn. If you can get through the EDF around the Base Panel without too much trouble Kurtis should be easy, but if they're still up and causing problems when he comes you could easily get wrecked. There's another map left in Episode 13, but this is the actual boss fight and gatekeeper to Episode 14.

I felt the true defender's spirit... the strength of your determination... even in this mechanical body.
I lost... Now, finish me...
We'll kill you in one painless blow.
You can't!
Kurtis, our battle has already ended.
You tried to do what you thought was right. It's just that your sorrow drove you to do it in the wrong way...
That's why I want you to fight by my side, as a comrade... How about it?
I could use a skilled person like you as one of my vassals.
Heh... The Overlord's vassal... That doesn't sound too bad.
But... it seems that my body needs to recharge... I must sleep for a while...
Gordon... Be careful of... Jennifer...
Be careful of Jennifer...? What does he mean by that?

*nod* ...Modification.
...Will you three grow up already?

Next time on Let's Play Disgaea: Showdown: Carter's gambit! The 38th Defender is born!